Wait, Madonna's In Elden Ring?

Madonna's latest TikTok makes us question not only our sanity, but whether she has stepped into some weird Elden Ring alternative-reality...
Madonna elden ring
The next boss...? | © From Software (left) / Warner Records (right)

We all love Elden Ring here in the EarlyGame office. From those rough-and-tough bosses, that gorgeous open world, and the plethora of content to dive into, there are few things to complain about. As much as we love it, though, a recent revelation has cast aspersions as to whether one particular singer is coming to the game as a boss in future DLC... what's up, Madonna?

From her decades-long list of absolute bangers, to her classic James Bond tune, we wouldn't be surprised to see her take a swing at some different popular culture. Other than your odd Sing Star appearance, the "Vogue" star has remained relatively out of the interactive entertainment space. Is this about to change? Could she be Elden Ring's next Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon?

It wouldn't be such a surprise, I mean, Madonna certainly is a "Queen", so she could certainly take her badassery to the Elden Ring streets if she wanted to. Honestly, she'd be pretty tough, too. You'd certainly need to have explored as many Sacred Tear Locations as possible before facing off against this goddess.

You'd also certainly need to get "Into the Groove" to be successful. Could you imagine? A giant witch-like boss or something, blasting Madonna songs? It would be pretty darn fantastic!

So, Will Madonna Be In Elden Ring?

No, ladies and gentlemen, as much as that viral TikTok did seem to hint at such a crossover event, it ain't happening. For context, Madonna recently posted a TikTok that featured her in a relatively see-through shirt and an insane amount of makeup and possible "alterations" to her face.

People have been concerned, as she does admittedly look quite unwell. The TikTok got viewed more than 8 million times in the end, with many people sharing their thoughts and asking questions like "What is she on?" and, simply, "Is she okay?". We hope she is, but can confirm within reasonable doubt that no, she is not an Elden Ring boss.

If you haven't seen it and are sitting there very confused as to what the hell we're talking about, here's the TikTok in question... Oh, wait, it got taken down, here's a YouTube version of it...

Now, whilst it is sad to see that Madonna will probably never be in Elden Ring, we should address the elephant in the room: hopefully Madonna is fine, because she really did not look very well in that TikTok video. It's obviously a lot about her plastic surgery/facial modifications, but also a gaunt and colorless face that implies to us that she might not be entirely okay.

We don't know for sure, though, she could actually be completely fine! Who knows... well, certainly not me. Anyway, keep playing Elden Ring, and avoid Madonna's 2003 album "American Life"... it's a complete mess.