Elden Ring 2? Famous Author Confirms Devs Contacted Him

Another famous author was contacted by FromSoftware to work on a game. Could this already be an Elden Ring Sequel?
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Is an Elden Ring Sequel soon to be in the works? | © Caio Santos, ArtStation

Ok, ok, ok, this is entirely unexpected and not a leak by a random person, but actually an official announcement from a famous author: Brandon Sanderson, the mastermind behind the Mistborn series, confirmed that FromSoftware reached out to him to work on a game together...

Mistborn Author to Pen Elden Ring 2?

It all happened in a stream (yeah, authors stream too nowadays), during which Brandon Sanderson unpacked a box sent to him from Bandai Namco. Said box included a bunch of Elden Ring goodies, and the author revealed that Bandai Namco was indeed looking to collaborate with him:

They are interested in perhaps doing something together, is what that says. I am as well, actually. This is how I roll. I actually have a pitch for them in the back of my head… so I may have to send them my pitch and see what they think.

Sanderson went on to state that his idea is for a Soulslike game, and that he's already been fleshing it out, just in case he was ever contacted. Well... lucky Brandon.

Also, lucky us, because Brandon Sanderson is no slouch: The Mistborn series is huge, and already spans 7 books - eventually to be wrapped up in 13 novels. It's one of those fantasy epics that you just know will eventually be adapted either for the big screen or for TV. In fact, in 2020, Brandon Sanderson already stated that he was working on the screenplay, though we don't have more to the story than his statement.

Considering how successful Elden Ring already is, it's no surprise that FromSoftware is looking to replicate the formula, though it is surprising that they already contacted a writer. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that it's an Elden Ring sequel - it might just as well be an entirely new epic universe, which... I'm all up for too.