Is Elden Ring Cross-Play or Cross-Platform?

Multiplayer is an extremely fun part of Elden Ring, but it can be complicated to play the game with friends. Let's check out if Elden Ring has crossplay.
Elden Ring Crossplay
Does Elden Ring have Crossplay? Let's check it out! | © From Software

Just like we know it from the old Soulsborne games, Elden Ring also has a number of cool multiplayer features. And as in the spiritual predecessors, these are not so easy to find and use in Elden Ring. Elden Ring is a huge success and many players surely want to game with their buddies. But can you even do that if you're not on the same platform? Crossplay is becoming more and more common, many big games have this feature nowadays. But does Elden Ring also have crossplay? Can you explore The Lands Between together with a PC buddy, while you are rocking the PS4? We have the answer here, so let's take a look!

Does Elden Ring Have Cross-Play?

Unfortunately no, Elden Ring does not have Cross-Play. That is a real shame, because we love the multiplayer, and we love playing this amazing game with our friends. Yes, Elden Ring is primarily a singleplayer game, and that is how you should experience most of the game. But it can get lonely out there, you know? Having a friend by your side is not just super fun, it can also make some of the tough bosses in the game a lot easier.

But no, if you're on PlayStation you can't play with your friends on Xbox or PC and vice versa. However, Elden Ring does support Cross-Gen play. We'll show you what that means.

What Is Cross-Gen Play?

Cross-Gen means, that you can play with other players who have the same family of consoles, so Xbox One can play with Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4 can play with PlayStation 5. And yes, that works in Elden Ring. So you are not totally alone when playing Elden Ring, you at least have some options. Unless you're on PC... sorry folks, the whole PC-Masterrace thing is once again being undermined. Damn console players... anyway, it doesn't really matter. Especially since PC players have been lapping up this thing like there's no tomorrow, so you will find plenty of people on there. And hey, most of your friends probably got a good enough PC nowadays anyway, so play together on there! It will be alright!

While it's unfortunately not full Cross-Play, you are at least not completely shackled to the player base of your console. That is at least something, right? Something is always better than nothing, my momma said...

Will Elden Ring Ever Have Cross-Play?

Probably not, since From Software hasn't said anything about it at all. But we don't know yet, so they might surprise us in the future! I personally wouldn't hold out hope on it, since the Dark Souls games, as well as Bloodborne, never had cross-play features implemented in the games, not even in post-launch patches. But Elden Ring is already the most successful game in the company's history, so maybe they will go back to this later and add Cross-Play later down the line with a patch!

How Does The Multiplayer Work in Elden Ring?

It works similarly to the Dark Souls games, meaning that players can be summoned by other players through signs that they leave in-game. Players can also invade each other games for some PvP action. The big difference to the Dark Souls games is, that you don't need any prerequisite in order to play multiplayer. Meaning that yes, you still need to use consumables, but they can be easily crafted in Elden Ring. You don't Humanity or Embers anymore, like you did in Dark Souls 1 or 3 respectively. That's a great change which makes multiplayer more accessible and easier to use. It's even more of a shame then, that Elden Ring doesn't support cross-play and that our possibilities and the potential player base are limited that way.