Elden Ring Is Now A 10/10 Fighting Game

Modders are doing their thing and even the director of Tekken is amazed by these mods.
Elden Ring Mods Tekken
Are you playing Tekken or Elden Ring? | © Ultraboy/Bandai Namco

Have you had it with all these difficult Elden Ring bosses? You're stuck for the millionth time in the same place and see that dreaded black screen with the words 'You Died' permanently on your screen? Well, it's time you let out those frustrations in a new mod for everyone's favorite fighting game — Tekken.

Both games are Bandai Namco IPs, so it would make sense to have a crossover, right? Well not exactly, both games have their own unique lore and let's get real Tekken lore and Elden Ring lore isn't something that should mix, but a modder has decided to give us what we didn't know we wanted, but now realize it's what we needed — the Tekken x Elden Ring Crossover of our dreams.

Elden Ring Characters in Tekken

Now, you might be thinking, EarlyGame, what is this, it's not even April Fools yet, but this is the reality we're living in right now and modder Ultraboy has given us the best gift. He shared a clip on Twitter where he showed off the Elden Ring guests in Tekken.

There are various NPCs included in the mod like Malenia, jar boy Alex, and Radahn. This mod is so well done that it even caught the attention of Katsuhiro Harada, the director of Tekken games and the general production manager of Elden Ring.

Unfortunately, modding is technically against the terms of use of Tekken 7. While Elden Ring is also a Bandai Namco IP, the developers cannot condone the implementation of characters from other IPs into Tekken. But it does seem like Harada is quite impressed by the work that Ultraboy put into his mod.

Is This An Official Tekken and Elden Ring Crossover?

No. This is not an official crossover. Harada explained this again when he was asked about his reaction on Twitter to the mod. He explained that people often misunderstand and could believe that this is a real crossover, which could cause problems for those in charge of the products.

So, while Bandai Namco hasn't been too harsh on modders and left them mostly alone when it comes to Tekken 7 and Elden Ring mods, there has to be an understanding that these mods are fan made and official products.

Are you interested in the mod after watching the trailer? Well, then don't worry, you can get the Elden Ring mod for Tekken 7 right here.