You Won't Believe What Leakers Found In Elden Ring

There is a lot of cut content in Elden Ring that data miners and leakers are slowly uncovering. One of the most recent discoveries is a real shock though.
Elden Ring Data Miner Leaker Cut Content
One of the main elements in Elden Ring used to have a lot more to it, before it got cut. | © From Software

Elden Ring is a huge game, full of amazing content and secrets. But did you know, that the game was even bigger and had a lot of stuff removed before it was shipped? There is a ton of cut content that leakers and data miners are slowly uncovering. Now an amazing discovery was made, which revealed that a core element of Elden Ring was originally bigger and more involved, before it got removed from the game...

Elden Ring's Torrent Had Attacks & More

According to a new leak, your trusty steed Torrent used to have a lot more moves, among them a super cool attack, but these things were ultimately cut from the game. This discovery comes from YouTuber Zullie the Witch, who regularly reveals amazing details found in the data of From Software games. They have been busy with Elden Ring already, uncovering all kinds of cool things about the game. One of those things is that Torrent had a lot going for it then it's (admittedly amazing) double jump. Before it got cut, Torrent had a lot more animations and actions, the best of which is this super cool backwards kick, with which you were supposed to attack enemies. Zullie actually shows of the attack in a video, so definitely check that out:

Man, this looks so awesome. We love Torrent so much (best boy, definitely) and we would have loved to see him have this cool attack. It doesn't seem super viable though to be honest, so we see why it was cut. Still, we love this kinda stuff, especially in a game like Elden Ring that is just brimming with cool ideas and wonderful secrets. And it's amazing to see some of these incredible secrets being uncovered already. I can't wait to see what else people will uncover over the coming months and years.