Will Smith Keeps Slapping People In Elden Ring!?

People are cosplaying as Will Smith in Elden Ring, invading worlds, and slapping the hell out of other players.
Will smith elden ring
G.I Jane this, motherforker. | © From Software & Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences / EarlyGame (Faris Delalic)

Mate, things are going a little wild on the internet as of late. I ain't complaining, of course, this nonsense has been pretty hilarious (though I don't condone violence, of course). What's the deal with this latest round of rubbish, though? Well... let's see... oh yeah, you know how Will Smith smacked the hell out of Chris Rock at the Oscars last week? Yeah, there's more craziness ahead.

Now, Will Smith might have apologized... and then resigned... but that's not where all of this has ended. First, Smith's smack slapped MrBeast's record off the table, and now... well... Elden Ring is getting involved. You know, that massive game that has been sitting at number four on the Steam charts for weeks now? Yeah, that game.

Good ol' Will Smith might have done something very inappropriate when he slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars 2022, but he has also spurred a new meme that will go down in the history books. Honestly, what is not to love about the internet's reaction over the last week? It truly has been the wild west...

Anyway, maybe we should actually get to the forking point. Yeah? Okay, let's get on with it!

Will Smith Has Been Slappin' In Elden Ring

Mr Smith has been wielding his powerful hands in Elden Ring's PvP Mode, givin' these poor players slap after slap. It's almost been as funny as the whole "slap" thing in How I Met Your Mother (hell, it's even funnier!), and had us in stitches when we first stumbled across it in the office the other day.

The video, which you can watch below, shows a player having made his character look like Will Smith, dressed up in a nice outfit, named his character "Will Smith". This particular player then slowly walks up to another player and gives them a nice big slap in the face... before turning around and walking away.

It is truly glorious, if we do say so ourselves. Check it out for yourself:

Will Smith Invades from Eldenring

If that didn't make your day, I don't think anything ever will. You must have had a pretty shocking day, and we're really sorry that we weren't able to help you out with this little nugget. You poor bloke.