You Won't Believe How Many People Are Playing Elden Ring!

The first numbers are in, and Elden Ring is selling like the best hotcakes in video game history!

Elden ring sales
Elden Ring is getting rave reviews and rave sales! | © From Software

Elden Ring dropped last week to rave reviews and a whole lot of love. It's a great game, vast and wild, and incredibly tough. You would think that the game's difficulty might a deterrent to many players - after all, it is a From Software game - but it seems that, despite of all the haters, this is a game that is knocking everything around it to the wayside.

For a game that followed the highly anticipated Horizon: Forbidden West by only a mere week, it is insanely impressive to find out just how well it is doing! Honestly, once we reveal the details, you will be shocked by how incredibly well this game is doing. Before we get to it, though, check out our boy Faris' review of the game! I have also been playing it and can confirm: this is the best From Software game I have ever played!

How Many People Are Playing Elden Ring?

Now, whilst no official numbers are in yet, we can confirm that Elden Ring has knocked Horizon off the top spot, making Elden Ring the best-selling game in the world right now! In fact, the game performed so well (according to that it has done better in its opening week than the likes of Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite and Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Even more impressive is that Elden Ring has now had the best UK launch for any game (that isn't FIFA or Call of Duty, these terrible games always sell like crazy) since Red Dead Redemption... so since 2018! For a From Software game, which is renowned for being extremely difficult, those are some seriously impressive stats!

This open-world extravaganza pits you in the middle of a vast wilderness, with very little direction, and tasks you with exploring as much of it as you can. You need to progress through the story, sure, but the amount of space and time required to truly complete this game is absolutely astronomical. What are we saying? Well, you're going to want to set aside a few weeks to complete this bad-boy!

We are in love with it, as you will have picked up from this-here article, and we absolutely recommend it even to gamers who haven't traditionally been fans of the Souls games. To see it performing so remarkably well (at least in the UK market) puts joy in our hearts and, to be honest, makes us keen to stop writing this forking article and get the hell on with playing! We're going to bugger off and play Elden Ring now, we hope that's okay...