Elden Ring: Launch-Trailer Reveals New Bosses

It won't be long until we can finally play Elden Ring. The official release is set for February 25, 2022 and over the last few months we've been fed good with new trailers and information like new bosses.

Elden Ring Thumb
Why does it all look so beautiful? | © Bandai Namco Entertainment America via Youtube

Elden Ring is probably the msot hyped game of 2022. Hell, even everyone here at EarlyGame is (im)patiently waiting for the game to come out! Those who love souls-games must get Elden Ring. Since you've also been indulging in all the information, we've got some more for you right here!

New Elden Ring Trailer Revealed

The recently revealed Elden Ring trailer will likely be the final one before the actual release of the game. At least, we presume so since it is considered the 'Launch Trailer' on the official YouTube page of Bandai Namco Entertainment America.

Earlier this week we already received the Elden Ring Elden Ring Overview Trailer, inn which we got to see various details surrounding the story of the game, but FromSoftware probably knows what they're doing. They might have just wanted to get ahead of the multitude of spoilers out there on the web.

But before we get mad over leakers, let's just enjoy the trailer:

This launch trailer is filled to the brim with action, suspense and atmosphere. The new bosses look incredible! Especially the giant lobster looks quite menacing, but also tasty. Some of the weapons we see on screen also look way too cool! A shield that can also shoot? Yes please. Seriously, this game seems to have it all!

The more we see of Elden Ring, the more hyped we get. The classes have also already been leaked so we know with whom we can explore the world Hidetaka Miyazaki created. So one more time guys, February 25, that's the day you need to markk on your calendar and call in sick to work... I wonder how many of my colleagues will fall ill on that day.