xQc's Opinion On Elden Ring Will Shock You

xQc has shocked fans with his totally out-of-the-ordinary opinion that Elden Ring is an "Enjoyable Game" and "Definitely worth it". What a surprise.

Xqc elden ring
Doesn't xQc's head just look wonderful up there? | © From Software / xQc

The unimaginable has happened: xQc likes Elden Ring! In a totally non-predictable turn of events, this giant Twitch star – famous for doing things like playing video games and speaking into a camera – has not only managed to finish Elden Ring relatively quickly, but actually liked it! What a surprise, especially after all of those ten-out-of-ten reviews surfaced mid-last week.

This puts xQc in the spotlight once again. Last year, he announced that he would actually stop promoting gambling on-stream. The gall of the guy, to make a decision like that! Seeing as the bloke enjoyed Elden Ring, we also feel like it's time to heap praise on him again, for the first time since the multi-millionaire gifted a disabled streamer a wheelchair. This obvious promotional stunt made one thing very clear: he's a really nice guy!

We're a video game outlet, though, so we should probably stop focusing on these clearly non-video game related topics of gambling and philanthropy. Thus, let's move our focus to xQc's brilliant opinion on Elden Ring. According to the streamer, the game is set to win Game of the Year and anyone who is on the fence about it should give it a go! I mean, we can't fault him here, we are inclined to agree.

Wait, So xQc Liked Elden Ring?

Yes, as we literally stated in the opening paragraph of this-here article, xQc enjoyed Elden Ring. Quite a lot, actually. Here are a few quotes from this expert's opinion:

It has a lot of content, and you definitely get the content you pay for with your money compared to a lot of games that are a little short in terms of content. It’s definitely worth it.

Indeed, xQc, we did get the content that we paid for with our money, as opposed to with... carrots? There's a lot of content, and you can access that content by paying for it with money. Very astute observation there, mate! Oh wait, that's not it:

It’s definitely more of a player game than a streamer game. I feel like you’d enjoy the game much more if you play it rather than watch someone else play it.

Again, this guy's a real expert right here. It is, in fact, a video game. That's true and, yes, you'd probably best be buying this game with your money and playing it rather than watching someone else play the game that you just bought with – just to make sure it's clear – money.

For those of you who want to check out xQc's observations, here's a little Twitch clip for you:

Now, we've had a bit of fun in this-here article, but xQc is actually totally correct. If you're a fan of Souls-like games, enjoy big open sandbox open worlds like in Breath of the Wild, and have the time, Elden Ring is definitely a must-play. We're just teasing, don't "@" us, xQc!