xQc Bought Streamer a Wheelchair

French-Canadian streamer xQc gifted a small streamer a wheelchair ahead of the holiday season.

X Qc Twitter Image
Sure, the present wasn't a lambo, but to the receiver it might as well have been. | © xQc via Twitter

Usually when we talk about streamers their OnlyFans or whether they’ve got too much money on their hands. Of course, scandals are also a popular topic, but it’s almost Christmas and for the holiday season it’s time to spread some positivity.

With the current situation of COVID running rampant, lockdowns happening left and right, a little positivity can go a long way and French-Canadian streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel showed just that the other day.

xQc Gifted Streamer a Wheelchair

The other day xQc told viewers to drop their Amazon wish lists in the chat and that he would randomly pick some to buy their gifts. A small streamer by the name anthemofthedead, thought that this was her one chance at getting a wheelchair and dropped her wishlist for xQc to see.

In a stream, she stated, “Okay this is like my one chance to get a wheelchair that I can like… use.” She suffers from fibromyalgia and polyarthralgia and has explained that she lives in “constant pain”.


XQC BOUGHT ME A WHEELCHAIR im overwheled with all the support thank youXQC xqc fyp xqclips wheelchair streamer XQCL

original sound - Anthemofthedead

She has been saving up money from her streams to purchase a wheelchair of her own. Due to her disability she’s had trouble walking outside due to the immense pain she is in constantly and a wheelchair would let her be able to go to the store to make purchases. At home, she can use a cane, but it just isn’t enough to go long distances.

xQc saw her wishlist and ended up gifting her a $500 wheelchair. He also got her a $300 ergonomic gaming chair to help her while she is streaming.

This small gesture had a huge impact on anthomofthedead as she explained in her own stream how much this meant to her. She was also given another $300 gift card by an xQc viewer to spend on any other things she might need.

This goes to show that while we’re all struggling, there is still some good left out there during these hard times. So, go out there, listen to some good music and try to do some good this holiday season as well guys.