Logan Paul Doubles Down on Pokemon Card Obsession!

Logan Paul is not done collecting cards from his childhood. The Fighter/YouTube drops 3.5 million on some Pokemon Cards.

Logan paul pokemon card
Logan Paul loves Charizard! | © Logan Paul Twitter

Logan Paul of YouTube and fighting fame has glimpsed the unthinkable and has dropped a massive 3.5 Million dollars on Pokémon Cards. But why has this literal card collecting mad man continues his pack cracking addiction? All to hunt down one perfectly minted Pokémon!

Logan actually has a storied history with the Charizard card from the first edition of the Pokémon card game that literally every kid in the 90s had a box of them kicking around their room. In his brother's high-profile fight against world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jake wore a mint condition Charizard around his neck as he entered the boxing ring to face off in his live pay per view boxing match.

Logan Paul Buys $3.5 million Worth of Pokemon Cards

The YouTuber purchased 11 boxes of 1st edition Pokémon cards and these could very well be the last unopened boxes on the market unless a new seller magically appears like a Tauros in the Safari Zone. But what he is really trying to capture is a Charizard card that is perfectly cut without any flaws.

The boxes are sealed as well-meaning that no tampering or pack mapping can occur. Typically, boxes of trading cards that are older can be mapped, and the rare cards can be surgically removed from a pack and then easily resold as a fake dummy pack that are resealed with glue. However, this is not the case because the boxes have the OG seal on them, meaning that the boxes have never been opened.

Logan's tweet shows the proof that he has gotten his hands on some sealed 1st edition Pokémon cards.

Many are calling out Logan for wasting his money, but to each his own, since we live in an era where billionaires fly to space for fun! This is where Logan doubles down, claiming that these are the only sealed boxes in the world. We leave the fact checking to you since it is clearly just for the memes.

Here is a short teaser video of the unopened sealed boxes:

Only time will tell if he is able to recover his investment, but we remain quite skeptical of that happening, but hey it will make for one heck of a YouTube video!