The Diaz Brothers Want to Fight the Paul Brothers

The Diaz brothers are planning a brother vs brother event against the Paul bros. Nate and Nick would be the best (active) fighters that the Paul brothers have fought, so this one's interesting.
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Honestly, Nate could just whoop both of them in a 20 round tag team fight. | © UFC, Paul brothers

So, Nate Diaz getting it on in the ring with Jake Paul has been an idea that's been floating around forever. It would make a lot of sense, since Nate is the biggest name the UFC has to offer outside of Conor McGregor (and outside of active young fighters that would mop the floor with Jake). After Jake has now beaten Tyron Woodley, he has to keep going up in competition, so after his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury... well, Nate's down.

Diaz Brothers Want 'Brothers vs Brothers' Event With Paul Brothers

A report that Nate and Nick want to set up a brother vs brother super-event against the Pauls is making the rounds on the internet. According to The Mirror, Nate will be ringside for Jake's fight against Tommy Fury anyway, so the wheels are already in motion. The super-event surely hinges on whether Jake can beat Tommy, but if he does, then the tentative fight date is mid 2022.

In the meantime, Logan is apparently taking on Mike Tyson, so we'll see if both Paul brothers look good enough in their upcoming fights to even keep the interest in their boxing careers going.

Now that we have the facts out of the way, let's talk shop: Nick Diaz looked horrible in his last fight against Lawler. Terrible, in fact. He looked like a man injured, uninspired and forced to participate in the fight. If Nick looks anything like this against either Paul brother, then I gotta be honest with you here: He'll lose. It's obvious that young Nick was a menace, but truth be told, he simply hasn't aged well enough to keep being in the ring.

Nate, on the other hand, is still a beast. His last loss came against Leon Edwards, who's a legit title contender, and Nate almost downed him in the fifth. Nate is literally impossible to knock out, and only gets better as the fight goes on. Also, Nate's strength is his stand-up and striking, so he's a real problem for Logan, though he will likely be fighting Jake in the main event anyway. The only way that Jake Paul beats Nate Diaz is by making this whole thing as short as possible: 4 rounds, 5 rounds, 8 rounds... it doesn't matter. Nate's stamina is out of this world, and if this fight goes to round 10 or beyond, Jake Paul's a** is toast. Facts.