Hunger Games Director to Direct BioShock Film

Netflix is working on a BioShock movie. Who would have thought?

Bioshock netflix fim
Let's hope that this movie does the game justice. | © 2K

BioShock is going to be adapted into a movie. At least that’s what wasannounced on the Netflix Geeked Twitter channel a while ago So, when can we expect this upcoming film and where are we heading?

Let’s go over the details of the upcoming collaboration between Netflix, 2K and Take-Two Interactive. Which parts of our favorite game series will we be seeing in this exciting collaboration? Let’s go over all the nitty-gritty details.

Hunger Games Director to Work on BioShock Movie

Not only are we going to get the Director of the Hunger Games working on this movie, but also the writer of the films like Logan and Blade Runner 2049. That means two people with knowledge on how to make a great adaptation from one medium to another are working on this movie.

Hunger Games Direction Francis Lawrence will be at the helm of this project, while Michael Green, known for his work on Logan will be taking over the script. Larewnce is still working on The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds, so it will still be a while until the BioShock movie hits Netflix sadly.

Where Will the BioShock Netflix Film Take Place?

Netflix Geeked tweeted out the announcement with a perfect in-universe quote from Andre Ryan, “We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us”. This has us wondering which choices will lead the plot of the upcoming movie.

Will we be following the original BioShock which takes place in 1960, or will we go beyond the city of Rapture? In further instalments of the series, fans got to experience multiple sides of the city.

If the story plays before the fall of Rapture is unknown, but Netflix has a lot of room to play with. BioShock has an extensive universe which will make for great cinema, so we aren’t too worried about the where.

When Will the Netflix and BioShock Movie Release?

A release date is not known yet, with the project just getting announced. There is still little information out there for us to grasp. Actors, story, all of it is still up in the air, but we will definitely keep an eye out for more information.

With Tom Holland starring in Uncharted, another movie based off a video game, and the huge success of Arcane, we do believe that more video-game related content will be turned into television series and movies. Which series is going to be the next big Netflix hit?