Arcane Season 2 Confirmed

Arcane Season 1 just ended and Riot was quick to announce that Season 2 is coming.

Arcane season 2
Another one. | © Riot Games

This article contains spoilers for the first season of Arcane, specifically the finale.

Arcane Season 1 ended with a boom... quite literally. It ended with me hopping onto the Episodes tab in Netflix's Arcane in hopes of seeing "Episode 10" in there, but I was disappointed. That ending really was the ending.

Now, I would have been even more disappointed if it hadn't been for the Arcane Twitter account tweeting almost instantly after the finale went live to confirm what many of us were hoping.

Will Arcane Get Season 2?

Yes, Arcane will get a Season 2, which has been confirmed by Riot Games themselves. From the teaser trailer that they attached with their tweet, it's safe to say that Arcane Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 ended and the characters we've come to love in Season 1 will return in Season 2. Confirmed seem to be Caitlyn, Vi and Jinx.

From that teaser, I would even argue that Vi and Caitlyn will play an even bigger part next season, maybe their relationship will be explored even further?

Now the only question that remains is the one that everyone always googles whenever a season ends.

When Will Arcane Season 2 Release?

Arcane Season 2 is in production, but has been confirmed not to be released in 2022. We'd therefor put our money on Arcane Season 2 releasing in 2023. It's hard to hear, I know, but at least we won't have to wait as long for Season 2 as we did for Season 1, right? It's the small things in life.

Until then, we would highly advise you to check your League client for all the new and free skins that get released in regard to Arcane, or the ASU update for Caitlyn. It won't make the wait any shorter, but at least you'll spend 2022 playing with great skins, right?