How to Get Free Arcane Skins

Riot Games is giving away multiple skins for free during the Arcane x Riot event. Here is how you can earn your free skins!

Lo R Caitlyn splash HD
Caitlyn is getting a new skin and you can get it for free! | © Riot Games

Arcane is releasing quite soon and Riot is getting us hyped with a huge in-game event, a fun visual novel as well as crossovers within other games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. All that sounds all fun and games, but what we really care about is League of Legends and what we’re getting in our favorite game.

We’ve been putting up with toxicity since 2009, so we better be getting some epic free stuff as a ‘thank you’ for making Riot Games a multi-million dollar company, right? Well, yes you’re right. Riot Games is going to thank fans, by giving out not one or two skins, but four new skins!

How to get these new skins and which champions will be explained right here!

Which Champion Skins Can You Get for Free?

Since this whole event is revolving around the Netflix Series Arcane, the four main characters, or as we know them, champions, who will feature in the show, are also getting Arcane related skins:

  • Arcane Jayce
  • Arcane Vi
  • Arcane Caitlyn
  • Arcane Jinx

These are the four skins Riot is going to be giving out completely free-of-charge. We’re not even kidding, it’s never been this easy to get some free skins – the only easier way is through Prime Gaming.

How to Unlock The Free Arcane Skins

So, you’ll be able to obtain the Arcane skins for free as of November 8, 2021. The first skin you can unlock is the Jayce one, so you can’t choose in which order to get these skins, but they’re free, so let’s not complain about it too much – and if you complete all the missions, you’ll end up with all four by the end anyway.

But if you’re unable to get these skins during the event and still want them, you can still buy them for 975 RP in the store after December 9, 2021.

But enough about this, what missions do you need to complete to get these skins?

Arcane JayceWin 1 game or Play 3 gamesJayce Champion Permanent* + Arcane Jayce Skin Permanent*Nov 8, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
Arcane ViWin 1 game or Play 3 gamesVi Champion Permanent* + Arcane Vi Skin Permanent*Nov 15, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
Arcane CaitlynWin 1 game or Play 3 gamesCaitlyn Champion Permanent* + Arcane Caitlyn Skin Permanent*Nov 22, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
Arcane JinxWin 1 game or Play 3 gamesJinx Champion Permanent* + Arcane Jinx Skin Permanent*Nov 24, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
Jayce Arcane HD splash art
This is the splash for the Arcane Jayce skin! | © Riot Games

What Other Arcane Bundles is Riot Offering?

While most of the Arcane content is actually free, there are also bundles players can pay for, where they get some more extra goodies. The Arcane champion bundles will include, the champion, the Arcane skin and another skin, as well as an icon.

These are bundles you’ll have to pay for, though, as well as the Arcane Capsule and Arcane Inventor’s Grab Bag.

But don’t forget, just for watching Arcane on November 6 on Twitch, you are able to earn an Arcane capsule for absolutely nothing! So why would you spend money on more?

When is Arcane Releasing?

Arcane will be released on November 6, 2021. The show was announced two years ago and is finally coming to the big screen. Are you excited for all these free goodies and these events in all Riot Games?