Tom Holland Stole Uncharted Fight Moves from the Games

Tom Holland has admitted to stealing various fight moves from the Uncharted Games when filming the new movie.

tom holland uncharted movie
Oh, mate, you've been doin' your research have you? | © Columbia Pictures

Tommy boy has been doing his research. That's good, because it's kind of his job. You know, method acting and all that crud? I mean, let's be real: Sully's Moustache is missing, so we doubt that this film will be any good. All that being said, maybe it's going to be a hidden treasure. Maybe not. Who knows! What we do know, however, is this:

Tom Holland stole his fight moves from the real Nathan Drake. I.e. he actually took them from the games.

Come on, that's actually pretty fantastic to hear, isn't it? I mean, it's good to see that they are making an attempt to faithfully recreate the source material and be at least a little bit "authentic" (though, admittedly, I haven't seen it yet, so it could go either way). Nathan Drake is such an iconic character in gaming, so it would be a shame for them to have just taken the licence and then not really have done anything with it.

In the end, though, Uncharted is all about the fights and the epic set-pieces and, at least according to IGN's review, Holland's adaptation seems to have done the trick. Seriously, though, where's Sully's moustache, cigar, and that fantastic voice? Mark Wahlberg? Seriously, who thought that was a good casting choice? A forking monkey!?

So, Tom Holland Stole the Uncharted Fight Moves?

Yep, Tom Holland reportedly stole the fight moves he used in the Uncharted Movie from the original games. During an interview that was posted on Sony's official YouTube Channel, Holland said the following:

There are moves in the film which are stolen straight from the game... but the balance of trying to make it look really cool while also being believable was tricky, and there's some creative freedom that we took

Here's the bloody interview, for those of you too freakin' lazy to read a couple of sentences:

In the end, though, this is surely good news for the film. Despite it, at the time of writing, sitting at a mere 40ish percent on Rotten Tomatoes, a few outlets have given it favourable reviews and I am most certainly going to be making a trip to the pictures this weekend to check it out. Could this possibly be a video game movie that is... not too bad? Sorcery!

A few big stunt sequences in the game are also clearly being brought into the film. Namely, the cargo plane sequence from Uncharted 3 seems to have been put into the movie. Now, whilst I would usually scoff at such a thing and cry out the dreaded L-word ("lazy"), this actually has me pretty enthused about the whole thing. They clearly care about the source material.

Now, this is a big-budget Columbia Pictures flick, and Tom Holland is an a-list actor who only just came away from doing the latest Spiderman film, so it couldn't be too bad. Then again, though, it does have Mark Wahlberg in it. In the end, though, we'll only know once we sit down and watch the movie, and it is true that Holland is a legit nerd. The news that he stole the Uncharted fight moves from the games is promising. Let's see...