EA Games Revealed For 2023 Through Earning's Call

EA has revealed their planned releases for 2023. Which games will we get to play next year?
Dragon age mass effect ea earnings call
It better be one of those two, or I'mma throw hands. | © BioWare

EA has released a PDF of their earning's call and within, we find many clues for the next games that they will release in 2023. While some of them are named (FIFA being an obvious candidate here), others remain mysterious. Let's go over it all.

The tenth slide is the one that we want to take a closer look at. Let me write down all of EA's releases for you real quick in case you're too lazy to open the PDF. (Note: EA stated the close dates of all the quarters. Q1: July 2, 2022, Q2: October 1, 2022, Q3: December 31, 2022, Q4: April 1, 2023)

EA Game Releases 2022/2023

EA Game Releases Q1

EA Game Releases Q2

EA Game Releases Q3

EA Game Releases Q4

Now, I know, nobody really cares much about Q1-Q3 because those games are set in stone. The Q4 games, however? Now, they're what we want to take another look at.

EA states that they have "four titles that have not yet been publicly disclosed" regarding the 4 unnamed games above. You might have been wondering why I put DA:O next to the remake part when we all know a Dead Space remake is coming next year... that's because Dead Space was announced... very publicly. A Dragon Age: Origins remake, though? No, but many fans have been wanting one.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition worked out well for BioWare/EA, so it wouldn't be a big surprise if they ended up doing Dragon Age: Origins next.

Why Dragon Age 4, then? That was announced as well, right? Well, yeah, but also no. We all knew Dragon Age 4 was coming from Inquisition's ending and have received a teaser trailer and behind the scenes footage, but apart from that, nothing. We don't know a name, we don't know a story and we most certainly don't know a release date. I wouldn't call that "publicly announced", hence, our guess that the major IP is Dragon Age 4.

As for the sports title, that was honestly just a guess. Could be everything, but people have been asking for that college football game from EA for ages, so it might just be that.

And partner title... no idea man, your guess is as good as ours.

Remember that the PDF was released ahead of the earning's call. Should we get any new info from it, we will update this article straight away.