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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review
It's finally time for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review! I'm already sobbing... (Credit: BioWare)

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been out for a while now, though, you’ve probably only noticed reviews coming out the last couple of days. Three games, two weeks, one story. Commander Shepard has returned to our screens… and what a legendary comeback it was.

Maybe you remember Mass Effect from your earlier years. For many of us – including myself – Mass Effect has been one of the first games… ever. Maybe it even popped your gaming cherry (if so, count yourself lucky, you were instantly confronted with alien sex). It’s been nine years since Mass Effect 3 came out. Nine years since we were either angry, disappointed, sad, or all three together about our favorite series coming to an end...

Yet, you can bet your sweet little butt that all of us still bought Mass Effect Legendary Edition and felt all three emotions once again after finishing the games. However, there were some major upgrades that Mass Effect Legendary Edition has seen. Upgrades, that especially when comparing to the previous games, were desperately needed.

So, it's time to have a proper Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review and find out whether it’s worth to get your heart broken… again.

Also, this should be obvious, but I will outright say it so that nobody can complain at the end: This article contains SPOILERS for all three Mass Effect games.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review – Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review
First part of our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review is about Mass Effect 1 and LOOK AT THE GRAPHICS. (Credit: BioWare)

Mass Effect 1 has seen the most noticeable changes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. That is not just understandable, but necessary. Maybe you’re new to the series and don't know, so let me fill you in. Mass Effect 1 graphics were so bad, that you HAD to have graphic mods… otherwise Garrus’ skin would have looked like straight up puke.

The graphics in the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect 1 have improved so much, that you will now often find yourself standing on planets such as Eden Prime (the first planet you will land on) and just… enjoy the view. It suddenly feels like you're in the Witcher 3 and that says a lot, right?

Another big change was the Mako, or rather, the driving mechanics. Going up a hill in the original Mass Effect 1 felt like a struggle for life and death and driving up a mountain sometimes took you half an hour. True, it technically shouldn’t even be possible to drive up a mountain in a 90° angle, but hey... BioWare always comes through.

Sidenote: The Thresher Maw? That thing was beat in 000.2 seconds in the original and I died multiple times when playing ME:LE ME 1 before I figured out how to defeat that piece of crap. It’s great that BioWare changed things like this, though. It’s the smallest details that can make the biggest impact, both for fans, and newcomers.

All in all, Mass Effect 1 has seen the most improvements, the graphics now make it playable on any new console and make it feel… new. I cried a little when I first played it and I want to cry again now that I’m writing this. Our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review says: Approved.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review – Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review
Our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review continues with Mass Effect 2. The best. (Credit: BioWare)

Out of all three Mass Effect Games, Mass Effect 2 has been and probably will always be my personal favorite. Surprisingly to me, I’m not alone here. It seems like quite a lot of people prefer ME 2 to the other two games. The graphics were already great in the original – at least compared to Mass Effect 1 – but with the Legendary Edition, it now looks even better.

The lighting effects and character models have been updated and now look better, cleaner and crispier. They made an already great game into an even greater game. They made places like Omega or Illium light up and made us gasp because of how beautiful it all is. They made Miranda’s boobs in 4K… because that’s what’s been most important.

And I mean, we get it, you know? If us BioWare fans ask for something, then BioWare delivers. No matter for which game, they always come through, one way or another.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review – Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review
And our Mass Effect Legendary Edition concludes with Mass Effect 3. (Credit: BioWare)

Listen, it’s not that the third game is bad per se. Hell, with the Legendary Edition, Mass Effect 3 looks as good as ever (though, it already looked fine in the original version). But the story… that’s what people have a problem with.

Will Mass Effect Legendary Edition Fix The Ending?

Unfortunately, BioWare did not change the ending of Mass Effect 3 in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. That doesn’t mean that you can’t change it up yourself, though. You don’t always have to play the Badass Shepard who romances Liara and destroys the reapers, you know? There are other options...

Despite Mass Effect 3 not having seen a lot of changes, you can feel it every now and again when playing that this is a new version. When you say goodbye to your lover at the very end, the lighting, the music and the mood somehow feel… heavier. It’s as if BioWare has made it even harder to say goodbye to Commander Shepard.

Unless you don’t have to, because you ended up with the perfect ending… note the saltiness. I somehow didn’t, and I still don’t understand why.

So, now that we’re done with that, it’s time to answer the most important question that you will ask yourself after reading our Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review.

Should I Get Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Absolutely. If you want to play through one of the best trilogies ever, want to fall in love with the story, the characters, the places, the music and so much more, then absolutely. This game is worth every single penny, whether you’ve already played Mass Effect before or not, you will love this game.

Will Mass Effect Legendary Edition Have All DLC?

Yes, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has every single DLC that Mass Effect has ever had. That includes DLC for all three games. Not just weapon, but story content as well. One that I think you will definitely enjoy is the Shore Leave DLC quest that you get in Mass Effect 3. One of the best quests I’ve ever played. And also, having all DLC in a remaster of three games with the same price that you would get for buying one game without DLC? A steal.

On a more personal note, I absolutely loved Mass Effect Legendary Edition after already having loved the original trilogy. I can recommend it to you, no matter if you're a newbie to it or a veteran.

Make sure you stick around for more Reviews, though, we'll always share our opinions on games.