F1 22 | Leaks, News, Release Date And Gameplay

The F1 hype is real! Little by little, more and more leaks and news about the latest racing simulation are trickling in.

F1 22 Mc Laren
The McLaren is certainly one of the most beautiful cars on the track. | © EA

The release of F1 22, the official video game of Formula 1, is getting closer and closer. While the real Formula 1 is racing on the new track in Miami for the first time this weekend, we have received further leaks about the game.

In this article we collect all rumors, leaks, news and innovations about F1 22. The game was completely accompanied by EA Sports for the first time in its development. The publisher bought F1 game developer Codemasters last year for 1.2 billion euros. So the potential of this game is enormous. But what does it have to offer?

All F1 22 Leaks

All-knowing leaker Tom Henderson has been banging out ten supercars on Twitter that will definitely be in F1 22. These cars are the first non-formula cars you can gamble on in an F1 game. GT7 vibes anyone?

These are the supercars in F1 22:

  • McLAREN 720s
  • McLAREN Artura
  • FERRARI F8 Tributo
  • FERRARI Roma
  • MERCEDES AMG GT Black Series
  • MERCEDES AMG GTR (Safety Car)
  • ASTON MARTIN - Vantage F1 Edition
  • ASTON MARTIN - Vantage (Safety Car)

What Are The Supercars In F1 22?

Supercars are playable road or race cars of the F1 teams. Compared to the F1 cars, the supercars are not monocoques. So, if you've always wanted to know how the Saftey Car drives on the race tracks, you can do the Bernd Mayländer and take the wheel of the Aston Martin Vantage or the Mercedes AMG GTR. But don't be surprised if the F1 drivers complain that you drive too slowly. The supercars can only be driven in the new "F1 Life" mode.

What's New In F1 22?

  • New Cars
  • Supercars
  • Sprint races
  • New mode "F1 Life"
  • New features for MyTeam and career mode
  • New track "Miami GP"
  • New Gameplay Features

First, of course, there are the new Formula 1 cars with their new look and design. As in the real F1, you can now also drive the sprint races in the game as a qualification for the main race. There will also be the new racetrack in Miami. It remains to be seen to what extent all the tracks of the racing calendar will be available at the start of the game, or whether there will still be post-launch content.

F1 22 New Mode "F1 Life"

F1 Life will be a brand new mode in F1 22. In this mode you can drive the supercars, but there are also clothes and accessories to unlock. Not much more is known about the mode yet, we will keep you up to date.

F1 22 New Gameplay

Some content creators were already allowed to play the game. One of them is Marcel Kiefer, the driver from Red Bull eSports reports only the best about the gameplay. The handling is better than in any F1 game before, and the driving experience has moved away from arcade and towards simulation, which is an important step. The cars are harder to drive on the gas, which is not meant negatively, but positively, Kiefer says.

For the first time in an F1 game, the player now has to drive himself into his starting box after the formation lap. In doing so, you can be penalized by the game if you make a mistake. The tires have a lower core temperature, so warming up in the formation lap is really important.

So far, there are still some question marks regarding the engine sound, but there is hope that EA will get the right sound model installed before release.

It is uncertain, however, how EA wants to implement the phenomenon of porpoising, because nothing of it can be seen in the gameplay videos of the content creators. Porpoising is the bouncing of the cars on the straights, which causes big problems for Mercedes in particular. Oh yes, currently Mercedes also has the fastest car in the grid. But Codemasters will certainly update the car performance.

When Will F1 22 Be Released?

F1 22 will be released on 1st July 2022. However, if you pre-order the F1 22 Champions Edition, you will get advance access and can play the game as early as 28th June.

On Which Platforms Will F1 22 Be Released?

F1 22 will be playable on the PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series S|X and on the PC. Presumably you'll even be able to gamble with VR goggles on PC, so that's bound to be quality.

F1 22 Gameplay Trailer

We already wrote about the first official F1 22 trailer from EA. There was some criticism, but it is "only" a trailer.