Bye Bye, FIFA: The EA Sports FC Era Has Begun

As of July 2023, EA Sports has officially ended their FIFA series and rebranded their long-standing and established football game with the new name EA Sports FC. This rebranding has taken place not only on social media, but also in the real sports world, where EA FC has made its presence felt.

RIP FIFA, long live EA Sports FC | © EarlyGame/EA Sports

The end of the cooperation between FIFA and EA Sports took ages, but was confirmed in May 2022: There will be no new FIFA from EA.

Instead, the world football association itself will publish FIFA (but there are bad news for FIFA 24), and Electronic Arts will continue their series with EA Sports FC. The end of the collaboration was announced long ago, and now it has become a reality. For 30 years, FIFA came from EA in an annual cycle, but that's over now. Find out what we can expect from the new game here:

Perhaps you've already noticed it on the advertising boards during some football matches or on social media channels: The new logo is prominently displayed for the public, almost everywhere we look. A new era has begun. What does this name change mean for our favorite football simulation?

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Official: EA Changes FIFA To EA Sports FC

Since July 1, EA has completely banned the name 'FIFA' from its public presence, and the new name is intended to establish itself worldwide. Not only that: this year, online services for many recent FIFA titles will be discontinued – including FIFA 21.

EA obviously wants to emancipate itself as quickly as possible from its decades-long partner. The former "EA Sports FIFA" Twitter account has been officially renamed:

But that's not all. In order to make their new IP internationally known, EA has, for example, acquired the naming rights for the Italian Supercoppa (official name: EA Sports Supercup) and will also take over the entire Spanish top league. You may still know it as Liga BBVA or as La Liga Santander. Starting from the 2023/24 season, already this summer, La Liga will be renamed La Liga EA Sports

What Will Change With EA Sports FC?

Okay, to sum it up so far: EA is renaming the FIFA series and then investing the saved money for naming rights in real football competitions... got it. But what does the FIFA separation mean for us fans?

Cam Weber, the Executive Vice President of EA Sports & Racing, explains that EA Sports FC will continue to include everything fans have appreciated about the FIFA series.

Everything you love about our games will be part of EA SPORTS FC - the same great experiences, modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs, and athletes will be there. Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and VOLTA Football will all continue to exist.

Good news, as it would be conceivable for EA to focus solely on Ultimate Team – after all, they generate record sums every year through the pay-to-win mode.

The exact details of what we can expect are still being kept secret by the developers. We will provide you with all the details as soon as more information becomes available. Allegedly, there will be new information on July 13 and 14. We are excited!

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