Modern Warfare 2 Maps | Complete Tier-Ranking Of Every Map

Modern Warfare 2 has 10 6v6 maps and a couple of Ground War maps. In this article we'll provide an overview of them all, and tier-rank every 6v6 map

Santa Sena Border Crossing
Can this really be described as the worst map of all time? Yes, yes it can. | © Activision

Infinity Ward's map designers have returned to a more traditional approach in MW2. This comes as no surprise given the maps from Modern Warfare 2019 were mostly unplayable. And now the game has been released, we can confirm that MW2's maps are indeed a lot better than MW2019's.

So how many maps do we have, and what are they? Modern Warfare 2 has 10 6v6 maps and a couple of bigger Ground War maps, and in this article we'll tier-rank every 6v6 map. Let's begin.

Modern Warfare 2 Maps: Ranked

Having now played all the core 6v6 maps, this is how we rank them:

S-Tier Maps

This tier is for outstanding maps that will work well for multiple modes right out of the box.

Breenbergh Hotel

Breenburgh Hotel is the standout map from MW2, and as we predicted, it's made it into all three competitive modes:

Modern Warfare 2 map: Hotel. | © Activision

This map provides three clear lanes, a good mix of verticality (without going overboard), and just the right balance between cover and open space.

This is based on an actual hotel in Amsterdam, and the owners of the hotel are apparently looking for a payout from Activision. If Activision's lawyers can't sort something out, then sadly, this might not make it into the CDL or ranked mode (because it can't appear on broadcast).

A-Tier Maps

These are all solid maps that can work with multiple modes.

Mercado Las Almas

This is about as small as CoD maps can get without becoming a clusterf*ck:

Modern Warfare 2 map: Mercado Las Almas. | © Activision

And what a map this is. It works so well for classic domination, and all the no-respawn modes. I'm not sure if it can work well for Hardpoint or Headquarters because of how open the points are, but besides that this is a great map. Definitely the closest to making it into S-Tier.

Crown Raceway

This was the map the CDL pros played in early testing and said was their favorite:

Modern Warfare 2 map: Crown Raceway. | © Activision

Although there's perhaps too much clutter on this map, it's very well-designed. What's especially impressive is how well the lighting has been done; it's a night map and yet there are no visibility issues.

This is based on a real-world location, but Activision didn't get permission to use it, and F1 are furious. F1 are currently in legal talks with Activision to have it removed from the game.


This is from the new Warzone map, Al Mazrah:

Modern Warfare 2 map: Embassy. | © Activision

Although on the smaller end, this map has a wonderful symmetry, and enough internal space to prevent over-congestion. But it could do a better job of cutting off longer sight lines, because at the moment Tennis Court side feels like a wasted opportunity.


Yep, it's back, MW2019's only beloved map: Shoothouse. Look, it's not a competitive map, and it doesn't work very well for objective modes, but it's there for one reason and one reason only: grinding. You could always argue, why not just play Shipment? But Shoothouse is less mind-numbingly repetitive.

MW2019's best map has been remastered! | © Activision

The new version is slightly bigger than the original, but only slightly.


Shipment is obviously not a great map. It doesn't work for any game mode. But it isn't supposed to; Shipment only exists for camo grinding, and for that, it's incredible.

Shipment 1
This is Shipment in MW2, and as you can see, it now takes place on a boat. | © Activision

We had to put it in A-Tier because it does exactly what it's supposed to.

B-Tier Maps

These maps are fine, and work well in one or two modes.

Farm 18

This was a beta map, and I really wanted to put it higher, but on playing again at launch I found some issues with it.

Farm 18
Modern Warfare 2 map: Farm 18. | © Activision

Farm offers an interesting dynamic, and it works well for no-respawn modes. But because of the squad-spawn system in MW2, this map "breaks" in respawn modes. After a few minutes the engagement hotspots become sprawled out across the map, and you end up fighting each other diagonally rather than in the way the map was clearly intended.

El Asilo

The Asylum is an interesting map, although it is on the smaller end:

El Aliso
Modern Warfare 2 map: El Asilo. | © Activision

While one side of the map doesn't play very well, the central building and hill-side lane are good fun.

Al Bagra Fortress

This is another one from the Warzone map, Al Mazrah, and it's smaller than it might appear:

Al Bagra
Modern Warfare 2 map: Al Bagra. | © Activision

While it might be a visually boring map, and perhaps a little too dark, the overall design is fundamentally sound. We have three, clear and predictable lines of play, there are very few unintended lines of sight, and it's about the right size for most modes.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric

I moved this map up from C-Tier after playing it in more modes:

Hydro Electric
Modern Warfare 2 map: Hydroelectric. | © Activision

Underwater swimming plays in SnD are something to behold, and in modes like Hardpoint this map is fun too. But for other modes it's just too big for 6v6.

C-Tier Maps

These are fairly poor maps, although with a major rework they might be salvageable for certain modes.


This is map just feels unfinished:

Modern Warfare 2 map: Taraq. | © Activision

The size and structure aren't terrible, but the problem is that the whole town has been completely levelled by artillery. This leaves us with a far too open map, and a sea of head glitches as far as the eye can see.

F-Tier Maps

This is reserved for maps that are beyond saving and should never have made it to the finished product.

Santa Sena Border Crossing

Just take a look at this masterpiece:

Border Crossing
Modern Warfare 2 map: Border Crossing. | © Activision

I think this is the worst map in Call of Duty history. Even worse than Euphrates Bridge. It really baffles me that this map somehow made it through to the finished version of the game, and it demonstrates once again that (despite what Infinity Ward believe) you can't just make 1 for 1 replicas of real-world locations and expect them to work in CoD.

Where to begin?

  • This is a 1-lane map, so there are no opportunities for flanking, instead both teams are in a tug of war pushing back and forth along the bridge.
  • All the cars can explode, and the road is completely jammed with them.
  • The spawns are fundamentally broken, and objective-based modes simply don't work on this map.

I could go on but even talking about Border Crossing is as much a chore as actually playing on it.

What New Maps Are We Getting Next Season?

In Season 2 we're getting another remaster of MW3's Dome (Zaya Observatory in Warzone) and that cancelled map from the beta, Museum. You've all played Dome a thousand times before, it's just a very small, mediocre map.

This is what Museum will look like:

It's based on The Getty. | © Activision

This is one of the maps that is also based on a real-world location, the Getty. Frankly, it's just too big and open for most 6v6 modes. It breaks down into ARs gunning each other cross-map, while the SMGs are completely chalked.

What Maps Are The Pros Playing?

The CDL have officially confirmed the competitive map pool:

  • Hardpoint: Embassy, Fortress, Hotel, Mercado, Hydroelectric
  • Search and Destroy: El Asilo, Fortress, Hotel, Embassy, Mercado
  • Control: El Asilo, Fortress, Hotel

Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Map Remakes

As with every Call of Duty, we will see quite a few remakes in the game. According to TheGhostOfHope, who's has a 70-80% accuracy rating when it comes to leaks, every single map from the original Modern Warfare 2 (2009) will be remade and released in Year 2:

If this is true then it will be fantastic. I want nothing more than to be able to play Estate and Favela in 2024.

We've also heard about these maps from other MW titles being remade, although we're less certain about these:

  • Shoothouse (MW2019)
  • Crash (CoD: 4)
  • Shipment (CoD: 4)

Shipment is most likely to make a return, since this has become Infinity Ward's Nuketown. As for the other maps, they're also fan favorites, and we could definitely see them making a comeback in 2022.

And that's it. Definitely a huge variety when it comes to scenery and location, which is always nice to see, but more importantly, let's hope that at least 2/3 of these maps are playable. Every Call of Duty has some bad maps, but hopefully it's not like MW 2019, where the majority of maps were unplayable.

Once more maps are confirmed or leaked, we will update this article. Which maps would you like to see in MW2?