Modern Warfare 2 Maps | All Confirmed & Leaked Maps

These are all the Modern Warfare 2 maps that will be coming with the game. Some of them were already confirmed by Infinity Ward, while the rest have been revealed through leaks. Looks like we will see a lot of classic MW2 maps.

Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 will be developing maps for the best 6v6 experience. | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 is putting a lot of effort into it's maps, which shouldn't be a surprise, seeing as the maps from Modern Warfare 2019 were mostly unplayable and really horrible. Infinity Ward confirmed that they were designing maps with the 6v6 experience in the foreground. It does sound very promising, and to be honest it can't get any worse so MW 2019, which is good...

Modern Warfare 2 is leaked to have a lot of fan-favorite maps from the original MW2, but aside from those, we have had an abundance of leaks surrounding the maps, and so far about 15 maps have been leaked, and first rumors assume that MW2 will launch with 16 multiplayer maps like Vanguard. Which will definitely give us a lot of diversity when the game launches. Maps can make or break a Call of Duty, so let's check out all of the maps coming in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Maps That Have Been Confirmed

Several weeks back, Activision invited some people to come and play the game early, and during that event three 6v6 maps were revealed. Apart from those three maps, they also revealed two battle maps, which are maps that were designed for ground war. The battle maps will be much larger than the 6v6 maps, and feature large scale warfare.

Map NameMode
Grand Prix6v6
Farm 18 Training Facility6v6
Sariff BayBattle Map
Sa'idBattle Map

Museum is rumored to part of the J. Paul Getty museum in Los Angeles, which is absolutely massive, so it could be any part of it. As for Grand Prix, this will be, as the name suggests, a Formula 1 map. This map is supposedly going to feature a day and night version, so that's something to be excited about. No further information has been revealed regarding the other maps, but expect to see those three 6v6 maps in the beta.

MW2 will not only feature some new maps, but will also introduce some other new groundbreaking features.

Leaked Map Remakes Coming To Modern Warfare 2

As is with every Call of Duty, we will surely see some remakes in the game. This year around, the game is supposedly going to feature a lot of classic MW2 maps, from back in the day. Mind you, all of these maps were leaked, and none have been confirmed, but we should definitely see some of them in Modern Warfare 2.

  • Favela
  • Terminal
  • Quarry
  • Shipment
  • Highrise

Shipment is basically guaranteed to make a return, since this has become Infinity Ward's Nuketown. As for the other maps, all of these were fan favorites back in the day, and we could definitely see them making a comeback in 2022, but if we're gonna see all of them, is the real question here. Some of these maps are also rumored to be POI's on the new Warzone map, just like Scrapyard, which was part of Verdansk, which also returned in MW2019.

Modern Warfare 2 Maps That Were Leaked

Apart from the confirmed maps, we also got a bunch regarding some of the other maps that are supposedly coming in MW2. All of these map names were leaked, and we basically only know the names of these maps. Having said that, this is quite an extensive list, which sounds very promising, because the more maps we get at launch, the better.

6v6 maps:

  • Oilfield
  • Esports Gym
  • Dogtown
  • Exhume
  • Fallout
  • Favela
  • Floating Bay
  • Killhouse
  • Lighthouse
  • Luxury
  • Mountain Town
  • Narcos

Battle Maps:

  • Hydro

And that's it. Definitely a huge variety when it comes to scenery and location, which is always nice to see, but more importantly, let's hope that at least 2/3 of these maps are playable. Every Call of Duty has some bad maps, but hopefully it's not like MW 2019, where the majority of maps were unplayable.

Once more maps are confirmed or leaked, we will definitely update this article. Which maps would you like to see in MW2? Hopefully we will get to see some maps during the MW 2 Beta.