The Best Warzone 2.0 TAQ-V Loadout | An Underrated Meta-Weapon?

In Warzone 2.0, the recoil is something fierce, but if you just swap to semi-auto for long range then you'll find the TAQ-V a great option. Here is our favourite loadout for the TAQ-V right now.

This is fantastic mid and long-range option. | © EarlyGame

The TAQ-V is one of the new battle rifles, and if you can handle the recoil, you're going to love it. These rifles are basically heavy ARs; more recoil, but much higher damage. Now the recoil with the TAQ-V is still low enough you can use it in full-auto at short and mid-range, but for anything further than 40 m we advise switching to semi-auto.

We've put together the meta TAQ-V attachment setup below, including tunings. For a full loadout suggestion we've included our recommendations further down.

The Best Attachment Setup For The TAQ-V In Warzone 2

This is the meta attachment setup for the TAQ-V right now. | © Activision / EarlyGame


Unlock Requirements
Attachment Tuning
MuzzleSakin Tread-40STB 556 to Level 4Recoil Stabilization (+0.55 oz) / Gun Kick Control (+0.20 in)


Luca BanderaLockwood Mk2 to Level 7Aim Down Sight Speed (-1.80 oz) / Far (-0.77 in)

7.62 High Velocity

Lachmann-762 to Level 12Recoil Smoothness (-0.45 g) / Bullet Velocity (+6.90 gr)

50 Round Drum

TAQ-56 to Level 11 → TAQ-V to Level 20


UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56Lachmann-762 to Level 6Recoil Stabilization (+0.60 oz) / Aiming Idle Stability (+0.30 in)

As a member of the TAQ family, we find the vertical recoil more aggressive than the horizontal, so we suggest using the Sakin Tread-40, but you could always go for a silencer if you want the sound suppression. Besides the muzzle break, everything else here is doing what you would expect: increasing recoil control, ammo capacity, and bullet velocity.

You could go for a dedicated 3x, but we're loving the Luca Bandera as a new alternative to the beloved 3-6x optic from Vanguard.

  • The fastest way to level weapons and get all these attachments is by picking up a copy of Modern Warfare 2.

The Best Loadout For The TAQ-56: Secondary, Perks & Equipment

Secondary: Minibak

It's hard to argue with default magazine of 60+ rounds. | © Activision / EarlyGame

The TAQ-V is going to lose in close-range gunfights, so you really need to bring an SMG in the pocket. There are tons of good SMG options, but we find the Minibak to be very comfortable. It has fairly low recoil, good mobility stats, and a huge helical drum mag by default.

Perks (Base, Bonus & Ultimate)

We have to pick premade Perk-Packages in Al Mazrah, and although it means you'll need to buy the Minibak separately, we still think it's taking the Package with Ghost, even if it means forfeiting Overkill.

Perk Package Specter Package

Base Perk

Double Time / Tracker

Bonus PerkSpotter
Ultimate Perk


There are actually two Packages with Ghost, but we prefer this one because Double Time and Tracker are both useful for Warzone. Of course, Spotter is fairly pointless, but ah well.

Equipment (Lethal & Tactical)

You could pick a ton of different grenades, but this is our go-to:

LethalDrill Charge


Stims have always been strong in Warzone because we can reset more quickly, and we can stay alive for a few seconds longer in the gas. While the Drill Charge is just plain fun-to-use, and it's pretty decent against vehicles too.

The TAQ-V isn't the hard-meta, but it definitely isn't a bad weapon. You can see how it compares with everything else in this complete tier list of every weapon in Warzone 2.

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