Henry Cavill To Play Captain Price In Upcoming CoD Movie

A new rumor suggests Henry Cavill will play the part of Captain Price in the upcoming Call of Duty movie.

Henry Cavilll Call of Duty Movie
Henry Cavill would probably be pretty great in the role of Captain Price, although he might be a bit too clean around the edges. | © Henry Cavill via Twitter / Captain Price

Since leaving The Witcher on Netflix (apparently the writers hated the source material, unlike Cavill, and they thought he was too much of a "toxic gamer" to work with), we've been hearing constant rumors about the actor appearing in other shows. Perhaps most excitingly, we've heard that he's going to lead the Amazon Warhammer show!

This latest rumor is about another video game adapted to the big screen: Call of Duty. Apparently Cavill will be taking on the role of the beloved Captain Price.

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Henry Cavill To Play Captain Price

Henry Cavill is reportedly going to play Captain Price in the upcoming Call of Duty movie. This new report comes from giantfreakinrobot, who claim that their sources have them the news directly.

Per giantfreakinrobot:

Henry Cavill is in talks to play the British hero Captain John Price in a Call of Duty film. Amazon Studios is in the midst of securing the film rights for the popular IP.

This is all we know so far, but we have to admit, Henry Cavill sounds like a good choice. He's maybe a bit too "clean" for Captain Price, but let's see.

In other exciting Call of Duty news, we're getting Ranked in Warzone 2 next season!

The CoD-news train never ends...

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