Henry Cavill Was Not Fired From Superman According to James Gunn

James Gunn recently released information on the upcoming DC Universe. A day prior to the announcement a press conference was held in which more information of the next Superman was also revealed.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill
Apparently Henry Cavill was not fired... | © DC

According to James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, Henry Cavill was not fired from the role of Superman. Instead, he just wasn't hired for more Superman projects.

So, how did Gunn explain this decision and has there been an update on who will be playing Superman in the coming DC Universe which will bring together, film, television and gaming?

New Superman Film Announced For 2025

James Gunn has revealed that a new Superman movie – Superman: Legacy. Henry Cavill who had played the most iconic superhero in the Man of Steel movies won't be returning.

While Gunn did not reveal who could be playing Superman in the DCU, he did explicitly state in a press conference a day before the reveal of the DCU roadmap, that Cavill, as well as Ben Affleck who had been portraying Batman, will not be returning.

He also specified that Henry Cavill was not fired from the role of superman, but simply not hired for new projects:

Also, important to say that Henry Cavill was not fired. Henry was just not hired to be Superman in the Superman movie. There was never a deal there for another movie.

With the DCU coming to life, it seems that James Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran are looking for new and fresh faces. Since this is a supposed 'new start' for DC, the two co-owners probably want a new start for the actors as well.

Unfortunately, Henry Cavill, who had announced in 2022 that he would be returning as the Man of Steel only for him to announce months later that he won't, is going to have to find a new iconic role. But hey... there is that Warhammer project happening, right?

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