Superman Fired! Henry Cavill Lost His Iconic Role

Only a few weeks ago it was finally confirmed that Henry Cavill would get to reprise his role as Superman in his own movie. Now that dream has been destroyed by an announcement from the actor and James Gunn on social media.

Man of Steel cancelled
Getting fired from Superman must be hard for Henry Cavill | © Warner Bros

When Warner Bros announced the creation of a new DC Studios lead by famous director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran, hopes were high for a new era of good movie adaptations. But with the news came a feeling of uncertainty for previously confirmed projects.

Now we found out the verdict for Man of Steel 2. Henry Cavill posted a statement on his Instagram confirming his departure from the role and cancellation of the movie:

You can really hear the sadness in these words. Recently Cavill also stepped away from his role as Geralt in the Witcher int the last few weeks. Many people suspect the reason to have been his return as Superman. No matter if that is actually the case, we really feel for the actor as both roles meant a lot to him.

The Future Of Superman

So what does this mean for Superman and are there plans for future movies? The answer isn’t quite clear yet. James Gunn tweeted an explanation to the studio’s decision:

From this we can surmise a complete reboot for DC. With a younger Clark Kent the chances are high, we won’t see more of Ben Affleck as Batman or a third Wonder Woman movie.

Gunn made it specifically clear that it’s not going to be another origin story. Those have already been covered in different ways multiple times. Instead, the future could focus more on the growth Superman has to have to become the hero we know.

Honestly it sounds intriguing, but we and many fans online can’t help but to be sad for Henry Cavill. The actor has been done very dirty by DC Studios and will be missed.