The Batman 2: New Release Date Is Heartbreaking

The Batman was a great movie that gave people hope for the DCEU going forward. So obviously people are excited about the Sequel. Sadly, it seems that fans will have to wait for quite a while..
The Batman Sequel
No more eyeliner | © Warner Bros.

The Batman reintroduced audiences to the potential of the DCEU. It continued where Joaquin Phoenix's Joker left off, with a gritty, dark and brutal adaptation, which kinda makes me mad, that we won't see the two of them duke it out in an upcoming movie.

Sadly, it seems that we're not gonna get a sequel for the critically acclaimed movie anytime soon either.

Until then, watch some of these other DC movies:

The Problem might be, that the DCEU is currently getting restructured, as they are implementing their new 10-year plan. With James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over as Lead Film, TV and Animation Division, DC might have just hired their version of the MCU's Kevin Feige.

Maybe this helps the DCEU release more quality movies in the future and maybe even build their own, consistent franchise that can keep up with the MCU, which kind of seems in decline right now.

This is actually the perfect chance for DC to finally get their chance to shine and break Marvel's monopoly on the superhero genre. Sadly, it won't be with the Batman 2, though.

The Batman 2 | Release Date Is A Sad Reality

As it seems, the Batman 2 will not release before 2025, as per Variety. That would put the sequel's release closer to 2030 than it is to 2020.

Let that sink in. I'm just glad we will get the Joker 2 movie before that to help us bridge the gap.

The problem is, that there still is no script. Matt Reeves is currently working on the script with Mattson Tomlin, but until that is finished, we will have to wait. Add to this the time it takes for casting, filming and editing the movie etc., and 2025 starts to make a lot of sense.

But we will have to wait and see, if any news pop up, we will make sure to update you on the matter.

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