Man Of Steel 2 | Henry Cavill's Return

Man of Steel was a flawed movie, with great casting. Henry Cavill delivered an outstanding performance as Superman, which shocked people with how similar the actor looked to the original Superhero. Now he is finally back, reprising the role that pretty much launched his carrier.

Man of Steel 2
The Man of Steel will return | © Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has given a very promising update for a possible Man of Steel sequel, welcoming Henry Cavill back as Superman. The first one released all the way back in 2013 and pretty much launched the DC Extended Universe. It also launched Henry Cavill into our hearts. The movie received mixed reviews, for different aspects, like the special effects and Cavill's performance as Superman.

For many fans, though, the reason the movie flopped was not due to Cavill being the wrong super humanly attractive man for the job. The writing was just bad!

Since then, Cavill didn't get his own movie for almost ten years now, only featuring in other projects, like the Batman v Superman crossover, or the Justice League movie. It seemed as though the DCEU would have to stop there, as their movies continued to fail, but with the release of the Snyder Cut for the Justice League movie, fans were beginning to see potential for the franchise again.

So it is great that we will finally get another shot at the Man of Steel, with Henry Cavill reprising his titular role as Superman. Henry Cavill himself announced, that he will be back as Superman.

What do we even have to say, he still looks like a real life Superhero and is a picture-perfect replica of what everybody would expect Superman to look like in real life, so no complaints from my side. He is also an outstanding actor, as he proved time and time again, especially through his great performance as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series, that quickly turned him into a fan favorite.

Warner Bros. Confirms Man of Steel 2 Project

In a report from the Hollywood Reporter, sources claim that Warner Bros. is finally planning another Man of Steel movie. Almost 10 years after the first movie, Man of Steel 2 is finally in the works. Currently, the producer, Charles Roven is looking for writers, so the project is still far off.

With Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam, though, we have a strong advocate for Henry Cavill, to make his return as the Man of Steel. Johnson has already teased a cameo appearance by Cavill's Superman in the upcoming Black Adam movie, but he also wants a dedicated Black Adam vs Superman movie. Maybe he is a fan of Cavill, or he just really wants to beat his ass on set.

Although the idea of Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam clashing with Henry Cavill's Superman sound awesome, Batman v Superman is still fresh in my mind, so I will stay skeptical. The Rock is pretty much perfect casting for the DC Villain, and so is Cavill for Superman, but DC really has to hire better writers, so their confrontation has a solid basis.