DC In Trouble – Making All The Wrong Decisions

So yeah, surprise! DC is making another questionable move. And here I thought things looked promising after the Snyder-Cut of Justice League.

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Let's watch the DCEU crash harder than Kal-El's space ship | © Warner Bros.

Things are looking pretty bad for DC, not Green Lantern bad, but still pretty bad. The reason, Warner Bros. Discovery seems to be making all the wrong decisions.

DC Still Doesn't Get It

I mean, what can I say. As it stands, Warner Bros., and by that, I mean David Zaslav, seems hellbent on copying Marvel by creating their own cinematic universe. We already covered how that's a bad move, and yes, it's still a bad idea!

And here I thought they learned from their mistakes by focusing on cool movies that can stand on their own first, like Joker and The Batman. But it seems they will still try to create their own Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I mean, the Marvel Universe was so successful that Disney could just pull all their entries from Netflix because they knew people would get Disney+ to be able to watch them.

Well, I don't know about you, but I won't pay for an extra streaming service, just so I can watch Batman vs Superman.

DC has a freaking fantastic Animated Universe they could pull from, movies like Batman: Under the Red Hood, or the animated Justice League movies are a joy to watch. So, how come they fail so miserably at adapting the material into live action movies?

Why Is Warner Bros. Failing So Hard?

Let me give you an example. They planned to release a Batgirl movie as a lower-budget project, but cancelled it because it didn't fit into Zaslav's vision of the DC's future.

They are cancelling projects left and right because of their new vision, like, how can they expect fans to get excited about their announcements like this? It just makes them look incompetent, as they fail to organize their projects. If you add that they failed to deliver good movies multiple times, it's no wonder people are losing interest in the DC Cinematic Universe. They look like they don't know what they're doing!

DC: The Plan Moving Forward

Even though I just said DC plans to establish their own cinematic universe, it seems they are now planning to abandon their standalone entries like Joker. I was getting so pumped for the sequel.

Going forward, Zaslav hinted at a 10-year plan for DC. They want to do a full on reset. I guess they realized they can't continue to build more entries on that wacky universe they tried to build so far.

Zaslav's comments pretty much confirmed that they are looking at the Marvel Cinematic Universe for inspiration. I think that's a bad choice. They should try doing their own thing, create a more grounded and grim franchise that's darker than the MCU!

It worked for The Batman and Joker. I think DC Comics excels at those darker toned stories! Come on, you got the Joker, one of the most insane villains in comic book history! If they ever did an accurate adaptation of The Killing Joke, that would be freaking spectacular! I mean, maybe they should try to build it up a little and have some more Batman movies first, but they got some great storylines there.

In the end, we will have to wait and see for ourselves what they are gonna do. So far, I think they made a lot of stupid decisions, making them look incompetent and clueless. But maybe they will be able to decipher the recipe to success, that Joker and The Batman had.