The Scrapped CoD: BO4 Campaign Was Just Leaked Online

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's campaign was made but then scrapped before launch. But just a few hours ago an industry-insider / Reddit detective dumped the entirety of the campaign online. We can see now why it was dropped...

What could have been? | © Activision

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will go down in history as an okay CoD; not great, but also not the worst. The multiplayer took Specialists too far, and spam-healing every other second was an unfortunate "innovation" for the franchise, but besides this it was a decent CoD. Plus, it introduced the Battle Royale format to Call of Duty for the first time.

But what did it lack? Exactly! No campaign (and even Vanguard had a half-decent campaign...) But to be strictly correct, a campaign was made for Black Ops 4, only it was so bad that it was scrapped before launch. Imagine that, a campaign so bad even CoD wouldn't accept it. Surely that's made you curious. Let's take a look, shall we?

The Scrapped Black Ops 4 Campaign

A relatively unknown independent content creator called TheClosetIndian just leaked a massive collection of photos and documentation regarding the Black Ops 4 campaign on Reddit. Who this person is (and how well they can hide from Activision Blizzard's lawyers) we don't yet know. But they must have friends or loved ones on the "inside" because this is an outrageous amount of material, including developer presentations and plans for the entire campaign.

You can find the collection of leaked documents here. It makes for a very, very long read, but it seems like this person has been able to piece together exactly what the Black Ops 4 campaign would have been. As they added, they're even aware of when the campaign was last tested internally:

The last known build of this game was in late 2017 for when Actvision employees tried it out during holiday break.

So we're absolutely positive this person is legit, we just don't know what they had to do to get all this info...

Look if you're interested in reading about the campaign then follow the Imgur link, it's massively compelling. But we really appreciate the work this guy put in, and he promises to release a video soon, so rather than let Imgur get the clicks, maybe check out that vid instead.

Long story short, it was going to be a 2v2 style race to the finish rather than a traditional campaign, and it was going to be more tightly linked to the other modes than usual. It sounds like an interesting concept, but absurdly ambitious, so we aren't surprised it was scrapped.

Do you think Call of Duty even needs a campaign anymore? We've had great villains and some historic missions in CoD, but is Warzone the name of the game now?

We've read the docs, and none of the BO4 villains would have made this list...