All DC Shows Out in 2022: Release Dates & Details

DC is on fire in 2022, bringing out so much content that we can barely keep up. Here's every main-line DC Show coming this year.
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Hey, look, it's another god-darn DC Show! | © DC Entertainment / Warner Bros.

Alright, let's get this show on the road. In this series of articles, we have been leaping head-first into all the comic book content that will grace our presence over the course of 2022. Now, yeah, people mostly think about Marvel when it comes to big blockbuster films and high-quality television shows, but that doesn't mean that DC doesn't have a lot to offer. In fact, this year's list of DC Films is pretty darn impressive and actually quite exciting!

When it comes to television, DC are arguably even more iconic than Marvel. From the many different variations of Batman and Superman cartoons that have come to pass since the 1950s, to the proliferation of long-running series like Arrow and The Flash in recent times, DC have managed to achieve longevity on television in a way that Marvel really only found success with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

What does that mean for this article, though? Well, look, this time around, the list is long. In all of our coverage of Marvel Movies, Marvel TV Shows and DC Movies, no category has been as extensive as this one. It's going to be a lot more to process than you're probably used to. If we're going to give you an opinion on the pure quantity of content here, though, it would be something like this: it is absurd to think anyone can keep up with all this, and we're kind of getting sick of superhero stuff at this point.

Which DC Television Shows Are Coming in 2022?

According to our count, there are currently eleven DC Shows confirmed for a 2022 release date. Now, we have discounted a few key titles here and narrowed down the criteria quite firmly, so here's the deal: these are all shows that are pretty solidly confirmed for 2022 and did not premier in 2021. For some we do have a specific release date, but for most we have vague timeframes that we have included in the following table. Thus, without further a-do, here's what's coming in 2022:

DC Television ShowRelease Date
Superman & Lois, Season 2January 11, 2022
NaomiJanuary 11, 2022


January 13, 2022
Legends of Tomorrow, Season 7March 10, 2022
Pennyworth, Season 3

Summer 2022

Harley Quinn, Season 3Summer 2022
Doom Patrol, Season 4Fall 2022
Stargirl: Frenemies, Season 3TBA / Late-2022
Sweet Tooth, Season 2TBA / Late-2022
Titans, Season 4TBA / Late-2022
The SandmanSometime in 2022 or 2023

This is a complicated one to break down. To be honest, I am a little pessimistic as to whether or not I can do this selection justice. Let's be real about something first, though: there is so much same-ness in this selection that it makes my eyes hurt. The return of so many different shows, one of them even on its seventh god-darn season, just cries "boring" and honestly makes me want to roll into a ball, cry, and think about a time when there used to be at least an ounce of creativity in the world.

Meanwhile, this selection includes a bunch of animated shows as well, which is nice to see. DC is at its best when it is doing cheesy cartoon content, and not trying to be all serious (though we will admit to loving The Batman and Joker). Other shows like Pennyworth, Superman & Lois, and Doom Patrol, all make us yawn wider than a cat who hasn't slept in five days. I mean, come on guys, surely we don't need eleven different shows. Maybe give us like three or four really good ones? Surely!

Alright, guys, here's the deal. We're not going to write extensively about every single show, that just ain't necessary. We're just going to write about the four that so-far have actual release dates. As more gets announced, we will add to this section.

Superman & Lois, Season 2 (January 11, 2022)

This absurd and humorous DC show features both Clark Kent, aka Superman, and Lois Lane, dealing with the biggest challenge they have faced yet: parenting. This funny adaptation of a story that we have seen about a million times is an interesting move for DC who have more-or-less focused on products that are dark, morbid, and serious. Honestly, though, what the hell even is this show? I mean, I appreciate that it exists, and it is a whole lot of fun, but it's really more of a novelty thing that should run for a single season, not something to be serialized. Anyway, it exists, and we're just going to need to put up with that fact.

Naomi (January 11, 2022)

Unsurprisingly, this one is about a teenager who just magically discovers that she has superpowers and pursues her destiny. They really have run out of ideas, haven't they? Considering that this is such a tried-and-tested formula, we can't blame them, but we also can't be expected to watch this tripe. Naomi is a comic-book fan who gets thrown into a mystery after supernatural events start occurring in her hometown. Because this is 2022, and for some reason we have all decided to pretend that it's the 90s again, she's a skateboard-riding denim-jeaned hero that's very "cool" and has a loyal best friend who comes with her for all of the many shenanigans that ensue. Exciting.

Peacemaker (January 13, 2022)

This American television show was actually created by James Gunn and airs exclusively on HBO Max. Peacemaker is based on the comic book series of the same name and is a kind-of spin-off from 2021's The Suicide Squad. John Cena actually stars as the main character here, along with a number of quite high-class actors that people will recognize. Premiering on January 13, 2022, the show has pretty average-good reviews, and could be a lot of fun. I haven't seen it yet, but out of everything on the list of DC Shows due out this year, this is the one I am most interested in. I mean, come on guys, it's James Gunn.

Legends of Tomorrow, Season 7 (March 10, 2022)

What have DC and superheroes been missing, despite it having featured in a huge number of them? Time travel, mother-forkers. It's time for some time travel! Legends of Tomorrow follows Rip Hunter, a man with an outrageous and hilarious name, who happens to be a time traveler. Vandal Savage, another hilariously named character, is going to cause the apocalypse and good ol' Rip has to save the world. For seven seasons. Because we really need shows to go on for that long. Look, I'm salty, so make your decision based on what I am about so say rather than what I just said. Legends of Tomorrow has average to okay reviews. Yay!

So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: DC are releasing a ridiculous number of television shows this year, and barely any of them have actually confirmed release date. What's absurd about all of this is that DC seem to have completely given up on building an extended universe like Marvel has done. None of these shows seem to be in any way linked, and most of them are as generic as a doorknob. Anyway, I'll stop being a knob (ha, get it?) and leave you be. Enjoy these shows... I guess?