Is Riot Already Working On More Series?

With Arcane being such a smash hit and Riot acquiring a stake in Fortiche Productions, it would be ludicrous not to have more projects in the works, right?

Arcane Thumbnail
More shows will be coming our way soon! | © Riot Games

We can’t sing the praises of Arcane more than we already have. The show was a complete hit, with League of Legends fans and anyone who has never even touched the game. The show managed to get a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is set for a second season that should release at some point.

Now Riot has taken it a step further and has purchased a “significant non-controlling stake” in Fortiche Productions, the animation company behind the successful Netflix series.

Will There Be More Riot Related Series?

Fortiche has worked on multiple projects for Riot already. The music video ‘Get Jinxed’ as well as the ‘POP/STARS’ video, so the studio has a great track record when it comes to working alongside Riot Games.

By holding a significant non-controlling stake in the animation studio, Riot will have Brian Wright (Chief Content Officer at Riot) and Brendan Mulligan (Director of Corporate Development at Riot) join the studio’s board of directors.

But what does this mean for future Riot content? Well, one project we know of for sure is going to be the second season of Arcane. The first season raked in a total of nine Annie Awards and has received praise on all platforms, not to mention it’s nominated for an Emmy as well. The second season is also already confirmed by Riot and Netflix.

That’s not all though, there are also, other to-be-announced projects that are currently being worked on. Does this mean we might be getting a VALROANT show? Or another set of cinematics surrounding other parts of Runeterra? Hell, maybe some visuals for the Void event we’re hoping for?

When Will Arcane Season 2 Be Released?

When it was confirmed that Arcane would be getting a second season — like that was ever in question — Riot also stated that the upcoming series will not be released quickly and that they would be taking their time with the second season as well.

Sure, we won’t have to wait six years like we did for the first season, but the second season should only be released in 2023 or even 2024. Hopefully Fortiche and Riot will release some other project to sate us over until the release of the second season.