Was Renata Glasc in Arcane?

Renata Glasc has been revealed to be the next champion, but with such an iconic look, we're wondering whether she was in Arcane.

Renata Glasc Splash Art
What a mommy. | © Riot Games

Renata has been officially revealed. There were rumors going around that the newest champion would be from Zaun and quite a powerful person to boot. Now all has been confirmed by Riot themselves and we couldn’t be more excited about the new enchanter support.

But one thing we are asking ourselves is whether Renata was in Arcane? Obviously she wasn’t a main character, but could she have been in the background or mentioned at some point and time? Let’s check it out!

Was Renata in Arcane?

The quick and easy answer? No, Renata was not in Arcane. It was specifically stated by Reav3, that they pushed back the release of both Zeri and Renata due to Arcane. The champions team did not want the release of these two champions to interfere with the celebration of Arcane.

Also, many believed Renata Glasc to be a chem baron — us included — but Renata Glasc might be involved with chemtech and clearly shimmer, yet she isn’t a chem baron herself, but an Entrepreneur.

In Arcane, we get introduced to multiple chem barons from the region of Zaun, but none resemble Renata and none even mention her. Fortiche and Riot could have added little easter eggs into the show, but chose not to, and therefore, we did not see anything related to Renata throughout the hit Netflix show.

Why Wasn’t Renata Glasc in Arcane?

One reason why she was not in the show could be the schedule. Arcane was a six-year project. Sure, the first two years were spent on the pilot alone and then Covid happened, but overall, this whole project took a long time to produce and create.

Renata was probably created after the plot and characters of Arcane were already designed and made. Therefore, adding her in last minute could have ruined the balance of the show and the character development of other champions.

Will Renata Glasc be in Arcane Season 2?

We don’t know much about Arcane Season 2. Will Noxus play a bigger part in the plot? Will we catch a glimpse of other regions from Runeterra in the sequel? Who knows, but one thing we do hope for is more champions as characters in League of Legends.

With the expanding power of Zaun and the conflict, we could see Renata Glasc, as well as Camille, Orianna and Zeri making an appearance in the story. But whether this is confirmed is still uncertain. We will have to wait another few years until season 2 of Arcane is released.