Arcane Theorie: Silcos Power Vacuum

Spoiler: If you're reading this post, then you'd better have watched Arcane. We're going to explore the future of Zaun in season 2. Silco's throne has been vacated, so who is going to snag the spot of top dog in the underground?

Thumb Silko Arcane
Silco is a two faced person, one loving father and another boss of the underground. | © Riot Games

Arcane has left us speechless, and hopefully you as well. So in our Arcane lore series we tackle the hard-hitting questions, what is Shimmer? How is Noxus involved in all this and most importantly, what is up with Silco now that he can't control the underground anymore?

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Who Was Silco in Arcane?

Silko was the main antagonist of the plot and the adoptive father of Powder after Vi 'disappeared' and Vander 'died'. It was under his care that sweet, little Powder became none other than the Jinx we see in Arcane. Silco is also working alongside Singed to create Shimmer and distribute it throughout Zaun. His ultimate plan? Create the independent nation of Zaun.

Throughout the years, Silco developed a strong fatherly bond with Jinx. This goes so far that he won't even turn her over to the Enforcers of Piltover at the end of the show. Jinx misunderstands the situation and goes a little – okay, very – crazy.

This can be seen by the end of the show when Jinx literally turns Silko into swiss cheese with her machine gun. So hopefully we won't be seeing Silco in season 2.

Who is the Leader of Zaun in Season 2?

There are multiple answers to that. There were quite a few influential Zaunites shown in Arcane. These are the possible options of Zaun leaders:

  • Jinx
  • Sevika
  • Swain
  • Singed

Jinx would be the logical heiress of Silco's empire. She was closest to him, and she was the one who also killed him in the end. But that's about it. Is Zaun really a kingdom where the next heir – no matter how unfit – will take over the crown? Hardly. Jinx is not sane and seems more like a terrorist than a real leader. Come on, she fired a giant death rocket at the council of Piltover!

Sevika would also make sense as the next in line. She was Silco's number 2 and had much of his trust and had good contacts. Sure, she lost her arm, but thanks to Shimmer she is as strong as ever. One more hint that we will see more of her in season 2 in a position of power? In the final scene of Season 1 we see Sevika in Silco's office smoking a cigar.

Swain will likely make an appearance in season 2 of Arcane. We do believe that he is the one who will supply Zayn with weapons to combat Piltover. There were so many hints of his involvement throughout the first season – the ravens' guys! The ravens! – and we do think that there is a high possibility that he is going to lead Zaun from the shadows with a puppet leader.

Is Singed going to be the new leader of Zaun? We aren't sure since it seems like his style is to operate from the darkness and most importantly, alone. Seriously, Singed is better left to his own devices and kept to studying his mutations. Come on, guys, we need him to bring Warwick to life!