DC Cinematic Universe Is Getting a Reboot... Again

Discovery finalized a deal that gives them control over the DC Cinematic Universe, and they are introducing some major changes.

Dc cinematic universe
Calling it: The DC Universe is gonna keep The Rock. | © DC

Courtesy of Variety, it's been revealed that the DC Cinematic Universe is going to undergo some major changes. This all comes at the hands of Discovery, who are re-minting Warner Bros after closing a $43 billion deal.

DC Universe Is Going to Copy Marvel Even More

The new CEO in charge is Zaslav, and his plan of attack is... to copy Marvel. Stop me if you've heard this before, because I could've sworn that's what they'd always been going for.

In order for this plan to be fully realized, DC are currently looking for their very own Kevin Feige to oversee everything. However, unlike Feige, they're not looking for a 'creative guru' but rather someone with a business background that keeps all of DCs parties collaborating smoothly. Yup, you read that right: Not a creative like Feige, but rather a businessman. DC, I'll give you this one for free: Your new plan has already failed, right here.

This new direction honestly sounds terrible, but there's a silver lining: New CEO Zaslav believes to have identified that films like The Joker are the way forward. This could mean that the new DC identity strays from DCs biggest heroes, but don't worry: Black Adam, Aquaman, The Flash, and the new Shazam movie are still on schedule, because... why not release billions of dollars worth of movies, before rebooting? Honestly, I don't even know if anybody knows what DC is doing with their movie universe anymore, especially considering, that they have a fantastic Animated Universe that they could just straight up turn into live-action...

While the mentioned slew of movies will still come out, even if a little later than originally announced, it is clear that this will be the last batch of this current phase DC is in. After the massive success of The Joker, they made The Batman in a similar vein. And that movie is not only fantastic, it was also a massive success. So it would only make sense to continue making films like that, right? Of course, it does...

What exactly DC's plan for going forward is, is still unclear though. Will they keep making films like The Batman, grittier, more mature, better than the questionable stuff they have come up with before? Probably. Will they end up connecting them all, having another shot at a Justice League kind of thing? Maybe. But that didn't really work in the first place, so we'll see if they dare have another shot at a big posse-cut of a film.