So... The Rock Hates Joe Rogan Now

Joe Rogan can't get out of the controversy pool, and now he has a scary enemy: The Rock himself.
The rock joe rogan
Tall, handsome baldie don't like short baldie no more. | © The Rock via IG, Joe Rogan via Spotify

The Rock doesn't like Joe Rogan anymore. Yes, the 270lbs, action movie star, prepping to step into the shoes of Black Adam and possibly gearing up for a Call of Duty movie, is no longer a fan of Joe Rogan. Why? Not because of the COVID stuff, no, but because Joe has been caught happily slurring away, while using the N-word.

The Rock Will Never Appear On Joe Rogan

Joe just can't get out of this cycle of controversy he currently finds himself in. First, it was his guest selection, then it was his opinions on COVID and vaccinations, and now it seems to all have come crashing down, with clips of him surfacing, that show him using the N-word.

The COVID thing alone caused Joe Rogan a lot of trouble, and even saw artists leave Spotify as a form of protest. The Rock, meanwhile, supported Joe Rogan after the latter released an apology video, promising to try harder in the future. It was interesting to see The Rock openly support Joe Rogan since he usually shies away from any controversial statement. Of course, critics were quick to hate on Rock's support, and now the bug guy doubled down on his support, after writer Don Winslow made him aware of Joe Rogans love for the N-word:

No more tequila with The Rock, for you, Joe. Needless to say that I firmly side with The Rock on this one. Also, it will be interesting to see, what other repercussions Joe Rogan has to deal with, as you can expect for this not to be the last we hear about Joe and the N-word clips.