Is The Rock Starring in Dungeons & Dragons TV Show?

The Rock teased a huge new project, while his Red Notice director is working on a Dungeons & Dragons show. Coincidence?

The rock dungeons dragons
Is this the gaming project The Rock was talking about? | © The Rock via IG, D&D

The Rock let it be known that he is working on a huge new movie, based on gaming. Specifically, he stated that this movie would be his "biggest" and "most badass" gaming movie yet. Now, it just so happens that the director of the Rock's last movie, Rawson Marshal Thurber, is working on a new TV show based on Dungeons & Dragons. I'm well aware that a TV show is not a movie, but this coincidence just begs to be explored...

Red Notice Director Working on Dungeons & Dragons Show

Red Notice shook up Netflix, and we're assuming The Rock and Rawson Marshal Thurber are still on talking terms. Now, the director has confirmed that he will oversee the TV show that's meant to bringe D&D into the TV mainstream. Apparently, Netflix is one of the highest bidders, so you know there's money involved, which would play into The Rock's promise of "big" and "badass".

Now, we realize this is a stretch, since it's hard to imagine The Rock doing a TV show, but then again, Netflix has changed the game, and there are few uncharted IPs out there bigger than Dungeons & Dragons. With or without The Rock, this one promises to be a spectacle – that is, if the director's last movie is any indication.