This Police Officer Looks Exactly The Rock

The Rock Police Doppelganger Twin Lookalike Dwayne Johnson Morgan County
Imagine being pulled over by The Rock. | © The Rock, Morgan County Sheriff Office

A Morgan County police officer looks exactly like The Rock. In fact, he looks like an identical twin and even Dwayne Johnson himself had to acknowledge that the similarities are insane.

Guys, this is insane. You saw the picture, so... what else is there to say? This guy looks exactly like The Rock. Exactly like him. The police officer in question is Patrol Lt. Eric Fields and I want him to run for chief of security of the world immediately. Duh. How is this guy on patrol? Also, again: How is this guy on patrol? I mean, damn, what to do when you get pulled over? Fawn? Take a picture? Run? Die? I don't know...

The Rock Reaches Out to His Police Officer Twin

Not a bad way to start your day, to have The Rock, aka Uncle Handsome, acknowledge your steez. How much do you think this guy capitalized on this? Also, how did we only hear about this now? Also, do you think he shaves his head on purpose? And, also, does he have the tattoo? Last also: What if he's like 5'6''? How disappointing would that be? Or is that body-shaming? I'm overthinking.

Oh, sh*t, also, John Cena has black doppelgänger walking around. Just saying...:

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