The Rock to Lead Call of Duty Movie?

The Rock has been teasing a massive movie project, and gamers everywhere are wondering what it could be. Now, it seems that the cat's out of the bag: Could it be Call of Duty?

Not long ago, The Rock revealed that he is working on a massive movie project that could be his biggest and most badass movie ever. Immediately, everyone and their mama had a rumor, and our take was that he could be starring as Kratos from God of War, because... it doesn't get bigger and more badass than that. Now, a new rumor sparks speculation:

Is The Rock Starring in Call of Duty Movie?

Despite the franchise being what it is, we never got a CoD movie. That's actually... very surprising, now that I think about it. These days, though, video game adaptions are actually being turned into solid experiences – look no further than The Witcher or the upcoming Uncharted movie. Hell, even Sony revealed that movies are a major reason why they bought Bungie.

Now, the reason Call of Duty would make sense here, is because The Rock said it's a game he also played himself for years. We know that The Rock played CoD and Madden, and Madden is likely not the movie he's talking about. Also, Activision has been considering a CoD movie since 2020, and with Sony wanting to use their Bungie IP for movies, Microsoft surely follows a similar game plan with Activision. Last, The Rock has often been cooperating with Microsoft: He revealed the first Xbox, and was there for the huge Xbox anniversary event a month or two ago.

All fingers really do point towards Call of Duty, but we'll probably get a reveal soon enough anyway...