Here's Our First Real Look At The Rock As Black Adam, And... Damn

DC's new sizzle reel is here, and while it's not all about The Rock... it's all about The Rock. Or, more specifically, The Rock masquerading as Black Adam.
The rock black adam first look dc sizzle
I can... yeah, I can see the Egyptian God. | © DC

2022 marks another year that DC will try to compete with Marvel, and while Shang-Chi and Black Widow had me thinking Marvel was struggling (Editor: you have no taste, Amidu), the last Spiderman and the promise of the upcoming Moon Knight show, have me thinking... stop trying, DC. Still, I'm as big of a The Rock stan as you'll ever find, so this new DC sizzle has me certifiably sizzling.

First Look At Black Adam

Yeah, yeah, sure, it's not all about Black Adam, but we've seen all the others over and over again, while this is our first real look at Black Adam. So, now, after having seen him, I gotta say... that's The Rock. That's undoubtedly, 100% The Rock thrown into the DC universe. Gut-feeling – and this is coming from a man that's hardcore on Dwayne's Johnson – is that this is not a good thing. I feel like it's going to be hard to unsee The Rock and really buy into Black Adam, but hey... it's too early to tell, and we haven't really had a proper glimpse at the Egyptian anti-hero yet. Also, I'll be god-damned if he doesn't look awesome af, and gets me hyped for the movie regardless. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, and looking at that header... I might just be able to buy into the whole Black Adam thing. F*ck it, I'm hyped.

Of course, this sizzle reel is prepping us for all the 2022 releases, and they do come with actual release dates:

  • The Batman is releasing on March 4 (and seems to be dark af)
  • Black Adam releases on July 29
  • The Flash is coming on November 4
  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is releasing on December 16