Marvel & DC Cinematic Crossover Incoming - Says The Rock

According to The Rock, Marvel and DC might crossover - here's what Black Adam said about the future of our favorite comic universes.

Black adam the rock image
I wanna see Black Adam vs Thor. And I think I speak for all of us... | © Black Adam

Let's face it: Ever since Robert Downey Jr and Tony Stark bowed out, the MCU hasn't been the same. It's still great, don't get me wrong, but it's different, and... a lot bigger. Marvel is adding TV shows left and right, while DCEU is pinning all its hopes on The Rock and Black Adam. Well, the saviour recently sat down with Total Film, and Dwayne Johnson revealed that he believes a DCEU and MCU crossover will happen.

The Rock Believes in Marvel & DC Crossover

As I mentioned above, DC are pinning all their hopes on Black Adam, and aim to position The Rock as the centerpiece of the DC Universe, you know... since Superman couldn't get the job done. The Rock seems to be all too aware of that, and I'd like to think it was one of his conditions for taking on the role of Black Adam in the first place. In said interview with Total Film, The Rock revealed the following:

The goal is to really expand the universe, and introduce new characters, and spin-offs, and be really strategic about the plan. I think our ambition has always been that this is all a shared universe, you know

And if that's not convincing enough for you, despite The Rock clearly talking about "shared universe", then how about this addition from producer Hiram Garcia, which basically confirms what The Rock is implying:

While [Black Adam and Shazam] may not be crossing paths, everything exists in a big umbrella of the DC universe. And we want to be able to build out the universe as big as we can, and, you know, with those ambitions. If everything’s received the way we hope it will be, we have opportunities to potentially see crossovers in certain points.

That's as on the nose as it gets, but if you still need more... I got you covered, because, next, The Rock was asked directly if he thinks there is a realistic chance for a crossover, and Rock didn't mince his words when answering the question:

I am optimistic. Just my nature is optimistic. And especially when it comes to creativity. Especially when it comes to movies. And especially when it comes to the pantheon of DC superheroes and supervillains. Across the street, we have the pantheon of superheroes and supervillains of Marvel. To me, they can not only exist, but they should, in my mind, cross paths one day.

I'm with you, Rock. DC and Marvel heroes should absolutely cross paths one day, and I can think of no better ambassador than the world's biggest movie star. Plus... if DC can't rise to glory with Marvel at their side... then all hope is lost anyway.