We Finally Got Some Wolverine Gameplay

Marvel has a lot of games coming out in the coming months, and now we finally got some Wolverine gameplay from Midnight Suns.

Wolverine marvel midnight suns gameplay
Looking good, bub. | © Midnight Suns

So, Midnight Suns is one of those games that moved its release date in fear of God of War Ragnarok. Sure, the official word is that the game simply got "delayed", but we know better: The big, bad shadow of Kratos is looming over the gaming industry, and no one wants a part of it. That means that we are now expecting Marvel's Midnight Suns in 2023, rather than November of this year. Unsurprisingly, though, since the game was almost released this year, there's finished gameplay that is getting revealed.

Wolverine Gameplay from Midnight Suns

Over on the official Midnight Suns YouTube channel - which you can reach by clicking the video above - a couple of gameplay videos got dropped, and one of them reveals good old Logan in all his glory: Slashing, chain-attacking enemies... all the good stuff. Midnight Suns categorizes Wolverine as a 'Tank' and 'Distributed Damage', and, of course, Wolverine heals passively. He can also revive once per combat.

Sounds like Wolverine will be quite the tactical piece to use in Midnight Suns, and find his way into a lot of compositions. The game officially describes Wolverine as follows:

Wolverine’s intimidating form and eviscerating claws make it easy for him to Taunt enemies into focusing their fire on him instead of his allies. His frenzied, animalistic fighting style keeps him pouncing from enemy to enemy, chaining his attacks to damage multiple targets with a single action.

Music to my ears. Unfortunately - again, thanks to Kratos - we'll have to wait a little longer for Marvel's Midnight Suns, which is currently slated to be released before March 2023.