Why Gaming Industry Is Scared of God of War And Taking Action

God of War Ragnarok is manhandling other game devs and their release dates... with actual repercussions.

God of war release date news
Yeah... no game dev are gonna try their chances... | © God of War Ragnarok

So in the music industry, whenever a big artist drops an album, others from the same genre try to avoid it: No one wants to compete with Drake releasing his album - for example. The same is true for movies, and any other industry where top dogs dominate the field. Now, God of War Ragnarok is doing the same to other game developers: Everybody is trying to avoid God of War's release date.

God of War Dominates Its Release Date

November 9. I'm sure you already have the date marked, and so do game devs all over the world: Everybody and their momma's momma is trying to avoid the God of War Ragnarok release date, because they're simply scared to compete with Kratos.

It makes sense, after all games stand little to gain by competing with what's easily the biggest release since Cyberpunk (I hear you, Elden Ring, but you didn't have that kind of hype). Here's how industry insider Tim Gettys puts it:

We’re getting to the interesting point of games being scared of God of War Ragnar​​ök. I’ve had business calls in the back end with people that have said things to me that I was just shocked by. Like, ‘Hey, we’re pulling out on this. We’re backing off on this. We’re just giving God of War its space.’ God of War Ragnar​​ök I think is kind of a game of its own in terms of hype and like with the expectations and how much it’s just going to control the narrative of the industry come November and come leading into it, and right after it. I can imagine a lot of people looking at the rest of the year as a wash.

If you want examples, look no further than Forspoken and Midnight Suns, which have already been "delayed". So if you were waiting for those games and are mad about the delay... blame Kratos. Just wait for Ubisoft to change the November 8 release date for Skull & Bones as well. In the meantime, if you're not all caught up on God of War... you know we got you.