Forspoken Unexpectedly Delayed To 2023

Forspoken has been unexpectedly delayed by the studio. The details are sketchy, but this is what we know so far about what's causing the delay.

Forspoken Delayed
We'll need to wait a little longer for this exciting new title. | © Square Enix

Have you heard of Forspoken? Of course, you have. It's the exciting new fantasy RPG that looks simply incredible, and we're all getting hyped to play it this November. Oh no, hold on a second, we won't be playing it in November 2022.

Nope, sorry guys, this is one of those bad news articles. Forspoken has been delayed. You can read all about it below. Luckily, there's even a silver lining, the new date is really not very far away.

Why Was Forspoken Delayed?

Square Enix and Luminous Productions announced Forspoken's delay positively, but they didn't give us an exact reason for the delay. As they said in their statement on Twitter:

As a result of ongoing discussions with key partners, we have made the strategic decision to move the launch date of Forspoken.

But luckily, they did add:

All game elements are now complete, and development is in its final polishing phase.

If we take them at their word, then we can assume this delay won't be the first of many. And we've been burned enough times in recent years to know that constant delays usually suggest something catastrophic is happening internally...

But no, we shan't lose hope. Not yet. The game just needs a little more polish, that's all.

When Will Forspoken Be Released?

Forspoken will now be released on January 24, 2023. Phew, this could actually be a great release date. It could be 2023's Elden Ring; something to alleviate the depressing winter months and to keep us entertained until Summer.

Are you excited about Forspoken? Or, are you waiting to see more actual gameplay? If you're on the fence, here is why we think Forspoken will be a game-changer.