Forget Skyrim, This Will Be The Best Open World Game Ever

Forspoken Graphics Are Insane
Even modded Skyrim won't be able to reach Forspoken. | © Square Enix/Luminous Productions

Have you heard about Forspoken, previously known as Project: Athia? It’ll be the newest Square Enix Game, and it’s said to have the best open world visuals ever. Do you agree?

More and more games turn into open-world, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all of them are good. In case of Forspoken, however, we can at least say that the graphics will be insane.

But before we jump into what exactly has been said, here’s the trailer for Forspoken again, just to refresh your memories and make you understand why we’re saying what we’re saying.

You’ve probably seen Forspoken before, but the previous title was Project: Athia, so you might remember it as such. Forspoken will be an action role-playing game that you won’t have to wait long for.

Everything We Know About Forspoken

When is the Forspoken Release Date?

Forspoken will release in January 2022, so you won’t have to wait much longer to play it. However, not everyone will be able to enjoy it.

Which Platforms will Forspoken Release On?

Forspoken will release on PC and PS5, meaning all you last-gen players and especially the Xbox players will not be able to play the game. And I’m truly sorry for that, because what Square Enix is promising with this game surely makes every open-world lover want to play Forspoken.

Forspoken is a game developed by both Square Enix and Luminous Productions and Takeshi Aramaki from Luminous Productions had this to say about Forspoken:

With Forespoken, we are aiming to achieve the highest quality visuals ever seen in an open-world game. Our studio’s vision is to create games unlike anything experienced before, fusing the world’s latest technologies with art. Implementing cutting edge AMD technology in the development of Forespoken.

Forspoken Graphics Details

The entire video you see above is super technical, and I'm sure the tech-savy's of you will know a lot more after watching this video. To those of you who don't speak tech, however, the most important things to take away are:

  • Forspoken will be 4K
  • Forspoken will run on 60FPS

The trailer already makes that clear, but it’s still half a year till Forspoken will be released. Who knows just how much better it’s going to look in the end.

To end this article with a little hope, as we mentioned, Forspoken will be exclusive to PC and PS5 – most likely to showcase just how much power the PS5 actually has – but perhaps the game will eventually be released on Xbox as well. Don’t lose hope just yet, Xbox players!

What do you think? Will Forspoken actually be the best open-world game yet, and will the graphics really convince us all? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.