PlayStation Studios Is Working on More Marvel Games

Gamers love Marvel, and Marvel loves Sony, which is great, because Sony owns PlayStation, and PlayStation owners are gamers. The circle of life, leading to more Marvel games.

Marvel sony playstation games daredevil iron man captain america punisher
I want all of this, and I want it on my PlayStation. Thank you. | © Marvel, Netflix

Gotta love the Marvel takeover. The MCU is everywhere these days, and Moon Knight is about to drop on Disney+, the movies are going strong with the last Spiderman making up for what Shang-Chi and Black Widow weren't (Editor: noob), and in gaming... well, Miles Morales was lit, the Wolverine game has us hard and blue, and there is seemingly no end to more Marvel games, because PlayStation, apparently, is planning to go all in. Sorry, Xbots, but at least you own Bethesda and Activision Blizzard.

More Marvel Games Coming to PlayStation

This news comes courtesy of the tweet above, which specifically refers to Daredevil, Iron Man, Spiderman, The Punisher, and Captain America. Uhm... what? Allow me to repeat that and bold it:

Sony is apparently working on Daredevil, Iron Man, The Punisher and Captain America games.

Games. As in: Plural. The Punisher? Oh, lord, dreams do come true: I begged for that just a couple of months ago. Rumor has it that these games might all share the same universe. More specifically, they could all be set in Earth-1048, which is where the Spiderman games are set. This would set the PlayStation up to be the unquestioned home of canon Marvel gaming. Also, with the rumor of Neil Druckman (The Last of Us, Uncharted) working on a Punisher game, this all just... comes together smoothly.

One last thing: A rumor's rumor has it that Ghost Rider is also in development, but... I can only take so much.