Insomniac's Wolverine Game Will Be R-Rated

Wolverine game r rated
Insomniac's new Wolverine is going to be R-Rated! | © Sony Interactive Entertainment via Dexerto

Wolverine's Creative Director has taken to Twitter to confirm that Wolverine will probably be R-Rated when it releases. A mature-toned Marvel Game seems to be on the cards, with an R-Rated Wolverine exciting many fans all over the world. Here's everything we know about Insomniac's new R-Rated Wolverine Game.

We really don't know much about Insomniac's new Wolverine game. We saw a brief, but awesome, teaser trailer, and we know that it is being developed by the studio behind titles like 2018's Spiderman and Ratchet & Clank. In other words, the game is in excellent hands, but what's all this about the studio's new Wolverine game being R-Rated?

A mature-toned Wolverine game would actually make the most sense. Logan was, obviously, a huge success, and with other more crass comedy's hitting the comic book scene (films like Deadpool and The Suicide Squad) it was only time before we saw the same thing enter the gaming market.

Insomniac proved themselves with 2018's Spiderman, and 2020's Spiderman: Miles Morales, but a Wolverine game caught us by surprise when it was unveiled last week. Honestly, there isn't much to say yet, but it seems that Insomniac is diving even deeper into the MCU with a gritty new R-Rated Wolverine. Surprised?

Will Insomniac's Wolverine be R-Rated?

The game's creative director, Brian Horton, has confirmed that the game will have a "mature tone", but the game is yet to be rated by authorities. Thus, we cannot say for certain whether the game will be specifically R-Rated, but we can say that Wolverine will be gritty, dark, and mature. The question on everyone's mind, though, is "where's Hugh Jackman?". Sadly, that question has not yet been answered.

Keep in mind, though, that Marvel's Wolverine is still in very early development, and will certainly come out after Spiderman 2. Don't you worry, though. If you are a Marvel fanatic you'll still have a return to Spidey, and Marvel's Midnight Suns to enjoy before Wolverine graces us with his presence. We're sure that it will be worth the wait too.

It would be nice to see a grittier, more mature Marvel game, though. We have seen Spiderman, we have seen The Avengers, and they have been (at least in Spidey's case) pretty fun, but maybe we want a little more substance. In that case, an R-Rated Wolverine Game from Insomniac would certainly check off our boxes!

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