Idris Elba Talks About Superman Spin-Off

In an interview, Idris Elba revealed that he wants to see Bloodsport go up against Superman, and we're all here for it.

Idris elba bloodsport superman
Wouldn't mind him as Superman either, to be honest... | © DC

So... in the comic books, there's a Superman backstory, where he is almost killed by Bloodsport. In fact, it is only thanks to Jimmy Olsen, that Supes manages to survive. That story is also touched on in The Suicide Squad, but in the briefest of ways: A line of dialogue is all we got. Considering, that The Suicide Squad reboot performed a lot better than the Squad's first outing, and considering that Idris Elba was one of the best things about it... it makes sense to consider making Bloodsports vs Superman a reality in the DCU.

Bloodsports vs Superman Movie Coming?

Now, I understand that Bloodsport hunting down Superman could easily be handled with a flashback in any given DC movie, but bear with me for a second: How about a down to earth, old-school, slow-burn hitman film, where we see Bloodsport prepping to take down Superman? You know... Taxi Driver style. No need for a lot of SFX, just a lot of wits, smart planning, dialogue and... acting. Wouldn't that be something? Point in case, look at Joker as proof that the biggest FX spectacle doesn't necessarily to the biggest movie.

In any case, when talking to Variety Idris Elba had this to say about the idea of Bloodsports vs Superman:

I would definitely like to tell the Superman story. There's no doubt. Bloodsport versus Superman. It needs to happen.

Director Gunn revealed that he actually considered a Suicide Squad vs Superman movie, but the simple fact that he didn't even know which actor would portray Superman, had him scrap the idea real quick. So... if Idris' word holds weight, Gunn might be reconsidering, and looking at HBO adapting Suicide Squad spin-offs left and right... maybe Bloodsport will take down Superman in his own gritty TV series, or... maybe it's all tied into the mysterious Black Adam post-credits scene.