The Rock Gate-crashes Summer Games Fest, Shows Off Black Adam

Black Adam is DC's most anticipated new franchise, and The Rock just revealed a new tease of what we can expect

Black adam the rock image
Looking good. | © DC

[UPDATE: June 9, 2022]

The Rock Gate-crashes Summer Games Fest, Shows Off Black Adam

The Rock has launched his way into Summer Games Fest, whilst in the gym, to first talk a whole lot about energy drinks, and then to blast away about Black Adam. What a f**king legend, honestly. It was a whole lot of fun, we're not going to spoil it by rambling on and on and on, here's the clip:


The Rock was born to be Black Adam. Me and my girlfriend were watching See with Jason Momoa the other day, and talked about there not being many actors over 6'4", and even less with massive frames. Those that are around, are often not particularly good actors. Jason Momoa is an exception, and so is Dave Bautista. Now, The Rock... is a case of his own, because he is too clean to play the barbaric roles that his frame calls for. He simply looks too good. That's why he didn't work as Hercules - he's not rugged enough. The Rock looks like a god, which is why the role of the Egyptian God Black Adam is perfect for him. Don't believe me? Have a look:

I mean... damn. Right? This new image was shared by Dwayne Johnson on his Instagram, and it's one of the few peeks we're being granted at Black Adam, which is already due to release on October 21, 2022. The picture also came with a quote, in which Rock praises the role to the heavens:

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of playing some great (fun) characters over the years, but none speak to my DNA more than this antihero known as the man in black, Teth Adam. Rage against the dying of the light.

Corporate bla-bla or facts? Considering that Rock's been attached to this film since 2007, I tend to believe that he's passionate about it - a man as busy as him doesn't stick around for a decade for any role.

Story-wise, we don't know what to expect from Black Adam yet, but it seems to be adapting the "Black Reign" storyline, which revolves around Black Adam freeing his people from a dictator, and the Justiice Society superheroes overstepping their boundaries and coming after Black Adam.