They're Rebooting Captain Marvel With A Male Lead...

Marvel has announced plans to reboot Captain Marvel, but they aren't going with Brie Larson this time. Nope, they're going back to an older Captain Marvel from the comics, and a male lead.

Captain Marvel With male lead
How could they do you dirty like this, Brie? | © Disney

Okay, we were being a bit cheeky to Brie Larson. This new Captain Marvel won't exactly replace her, because it's for a new project. The new story will be called: Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel, and it's going to focus on an older Captain Marvel (called Genis Vell) who shared a male human host body with a character called Rick Jones.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's answer your first question: who is Genis-Vell? And, is he a legitimate character, or do they just want to "play it safe" with Marvel fans and go back to a male lead?

Who Genis-Vell?

Genis-Vell is the son of the first Captain Marvel, and was a popular character in the late 80s before being killed off. As Marvel themselves explain:

Nearly 30 years ago, Genis-Vell, originally called Legacy, debuted in SILVER SURFER ANNUAL (1988) #6 with the impossible task of filling in for his late father, the original Captain Marvel and an unparalleled hero who gave his life in the line of duty. However, in the CAPTAIN MARVEL volumes helmed by writer Peter David a few years later, the prodigal son found his footing, developing a cult following and starring in a number of classic stories.

So, by all accounts, this is a character who should already of had a debut in the modern era, but at least now he's going to be reimagined.

When Is The Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel Release Date?

Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel will begin it's limited run on July 27, 2022. Lord almighty, it's almost impossible to keep track of all this Marvel content, but we do.

Will you be going in on Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel? Or are you still too busy playing this year's Game of the Year?