Joker 2 Releases Some New Exciting Details

Maze Runner star Jacob Lofland will join the cast of Joker 2 in a role that should suit him beautifully.

Joker 2 jacob lofland casting
So supposedly Joker will team up in part 2. | © DC

The Joker 2 is kept under tight wraps, but, little by little, more and more details about the mobie are revealed. The latest news is that Maze Runner's Jacob Lofland will join the show.

Jacob Lofland Joins Lady Gaga in Joker 2

The news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, who revealed that the 26-year-old would join the cast of Joker 2. More specifically, Jacob Lofland will join the cast of Joker 2 as an Arkham Asylum inmate and friend to the Joker. Considering he's playing an Arkham Asylum inmate, Lofland is probably going to turn up the crazy for this role, and I can see it: He kind of has those good-looks that will translate well into the role of a crazed psychopath.

Lofland is not the only star that will join Joaquin Phoenix: Lady Gaga is also joining the cast, though it is unsure which role she will play. Rumor has it that Lady Gaga will play the newly-iconic role of Harley Quinn, but there's no shortage of rumors as to who Jacob Lofland might end up playing - after all, the assortment of colorful inmates within Arkham Asylum's borders.

Aside from the new stars that are joining the budding franchise, little is known about Joker 2 except for the by-title: Folie a Deux, which is the term for a mental condition shared by two or more people. But, who knows... maybe we can already foreshadow parts of the plot from the movie's title...